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1st  Mark Sullivan on how his firm’s software helps win elections (2) by Mark Pack
  Opinion: “Too male and too pale” – Why shortlists and the Leadership Programme are not the answer (18) by Paul Head
  Opinion: Hammond is misguided if he wants to raise the speed limit (44) by Jonathan Featonby
  And in other news… (1) by Mark Pack
  Opinion: 100 years on from the Xinhai Revolution (1) by Merlene Emerson
  What do the Lib Dems need from the party’s next Chief Executive? (10) by Stephen Tall
  Opinion: Floccinaucinihilipilification (8) by Amanda J Taylor
2nd  Someone likes Liberal Democrat conference… (0) by Mark Pack
  Opinion: Making it easier to follow conference (6) by Alex Wilcock
  What Lib Dem members think about the Coalition’s spending and welfare cuts (5) by Stephen Tall
  Theresa May succeeds where Nadine Dorries failed (4) by Mark Pack
  What Lib Dem members think about the Libya military intervention and its aftermath (3) by Stephen Tall
3rd  Lib Dem members’ views on the European Union (more divided than you might expect) (10) by Stephen Tall
  Guide dogs allowed on London Underground escalators – Caroline Pidgeon campaign success (2) by Mark Pack
  The Independent View: The Coalition’s approach to the UK’s asylum system (2) by Maurice Wren
  Gender balance amongst the Liberal Democrats: some evidence (5) by Mark Pack
  Opinion: Rediscovering our lost sense of liberty (18) by Daniel Furr
  Top of the Blogs: The Lib Dem Golden Dozen #241 (0) by The Voice
  Kensington & Chelsea spends £4,100 on sending paperwork to councillor’s holiday home (0) by Mark Pack
4th  EXCLUSIVE: How party members rate the performances of leading Lib Dems (6) by Stephen Tall
  Local liberal heroes: Ruth Dombey (3) by Mark Pack
  How to get Lib Dem Voice by email (0) by Mark Pack
  Opinion: Accessing the Leader’s speech – incomprehensible and exclusive (5) by Greg Judge
  The Independent View: Why it’s time for Nick Clegg to really end child detention (11) by Simon Parker
5th  Individual electoral registration: consultation response (16) by Mark Pack
  Liberal Democrats in Birmingham take up Chris Huhne’s energy challenge (0) by The Voice
  Opinion: Boosting housing supply (7) by Alex Marsh
  What Liberal Democrat members think of different tax policies (8) by Mark Pack
  How you can help Liberal Democrat Voice (0) by The Voice
  Daily Mail sued by Carina Trimingham (12) by Mark Pack
6th  Fixing the economy is the top priority, according to survey of Lib Dem members (2) by Mark Pack
  Opinion: Gove’s history – Whiggish, patriotic and wrong, part 1 (12) by Anonymous Lib Dem
  The Bigger Book of Boris: lots of jokes, not much politics (0) by Mark Pack
  The cat, Theresa May and what the courts really said (29) by Mark Pack
  “Toffs legislating for toffs” – how Cotswold Conservatives fear they are viewed (2) by Mark Pack
7th  Liberal Democrat members support proposed changes to planning rules, just (5) by Mark Pack
  Opinion: Gove’s history – Whiggish, patriotic and wrong, part 2 (11) by Anonymous Lib Dem
  Opinion: A real opportunity to Make Justice Work (1) by Linda Jack
  Opinion: Intelligent quantitative easing is best hope to stop the bleeding and begin reviving the patient (15) by Ed Randall
8th  Should the Liberal Democrats contest police commissioner elections? (6) by Mark Pack
  Opinion: Huhne #tweetfail – Why #cockup is more likely than #conspiracy (11) by Paul Walter
  Oyster Card survey shows heavy interest in cutting coverage or raising prices (4) by Mark Pack
  Opinion: Theresa May’s cat – why we should be proud of our conference (11) by Nick Tyrone
9th  Opinion: Who will sort out our colossal National Debt? (19) by Stuart Bonar
  Campaign Corner: What to do on the doorstep (4) by Mark Pack
  What’s the point of switching to individual electoral registration? (9) by Mark Pack
  Top of the Blogs: The Lib Dem Golden Dozen #242 (0) by The Voice
10th  Michael Meacher has me confused over individual electoral registration (13) by Mark Pack
  MOO giveaway with Liberal Democrat Voice (36) by Mark Pack
  Ten tips for running a better local party AGM (8) by Mark Pack
  New on Twitter: Deputy Prime Minister’s Office (0) by Helen Duffett
  Nick Clegg: Lib Dem MPs are ‘too male and too pale’ (1) by Mark Pack
  BNP accused of fraud over false invoices (1) by Mark Pack
  Jeremy Browne writes: World Day Against the Death Penalty (0) by Jeremy Browne MP
  Once again, Osborne is the obstacle to green action (4) by Mark Pack
11th  Ed Miliband certainly got one thing right in his reshuffle (12) by Mark Pack
  After the Coalition: A Conservative agenda for Britain (9) by Mark Pack
  Opinion: Tackling violence against women (11) by Paul Rowen
  Baroness Judith Jolly writes… The House of Lords will challenge, revise and improve the Health Bill (18) by Judith Jolly
  Can you guess who said what? (5) by Mark Pack
12th  Sarah Teather MP writes: Pupil Premium – coming to a school near you (9) by Sarah Teather
  Will polling stations start being moved to raise turnout at elections? (2) by Mark Pack
  Media spin, 1966 vintage (1) by Mark Pack
  The Independent View: Lib Dems need to champion new ideas for tackling child poverty (3) by Laura Bradley
  Bromley Council pulls a controversial novelty with a lollipop lady petition (2) by Mark Pack
  PMQs: Ed Miliband just about hits the barn door (14) by Paul Walter
  Opinion: None shall be enslaved by….maternity? (29) by Ruth Bright
  Where Lynne Featherstone leads, David Cameron follows – once again (3) by Mark Pack
13th  Gay marriage, animal insults and a pair of Conservatives (4) by Mark Pack
  Opinion: Summer schools? Little more than a sticking plaster (2) by Alex Feakes
  DPMQs: Something has happened here (10) by Paul Walter
  Opinion: Ever wanted to be a European Liberal Democrat, if only for forty-eight hours…? (1) by Mark Valladares
  Jenny Willott MP writes: 18 months and over a Billion pounds – Lib Dem victory on Women’s State Pension Age (12) by Jenny Willott
  Opinion: Labour’s problem (35) by George Kendall
  The Independent View | Women: Achieving a New Kind of Leadership (0) by Caroline Watson
14th  New constituency boundaries in Scotland: the impact on the Lib Dems (15) by Stephen Tall
  Sadiq Khan, master of political caricature, I salute you (28) by Mark Pack
  Commons votes to allow Twitter but MP demands minister communicates via letter (2) by Mark Pack
  The Independent View: Evidence that candidates make a difference (3) by Jo Silvester
  Boundary Commission for Scotland publishes its initial proposals (0) by Mark Pack
  Opinion: Youth unemployment – something must be done (15) by Elizabeth Parr
  Opinion: Why the Lib Dems need all-women shortlists (48) by Nat Jester
  The LDV Friday Five: 14 October 2011 (0) by The Voice
  What do you think was the second most important reason why people didn’t vote Tory in the Cotswolds? (3) by Mark Pack
15th  Nick Clegg backs campaign to ensure PR industry interns are paid (9) by Mark Pack
  Opinion: Why conference season is showing us up (21) by Sean Davey
  Huhne pledges to do ‘the right thing’ as he commits to nuclear power (15) by Stephen Tall
  Midnight Sunday: your last chance to win in our competition (0) by The Voice
  LDV Caption Competition | Liam Fox “was he pushed?” Edition (19) by Stephen Tall
16th  Personal Demographics Service: Department of Health (4) by Mark Pack
  The Independent View: World Arthritis Day (3) by Jamie Hewitt
  The Independent View | ‘Truth, Lies & the Internet’ – how we need to educate our children for the digital age (3) by Carl Miller
  Campaign Corner: What does research tell us? (0) by Mark Pack
  Top of the Blogs: The Lib Dem Golden Dozen #243 (11) by The Voice
17th  Lynne Featherstone vs Steve Hilton on maternity pay (1) by Mark Pack
  Questions left hanging over Boris’s cable car (5) by Nick T
  Opinion: Why is the BBC so bad at putting links in science stories? (10) by Prateek Buch
  The Independent View: Final Demand – it’s time to end the power of the Big Six (3) by Andy Atkins
  Baroness Liz Barker writes… The Health and Social Care Bill in the Lords (16) by Baroness Liz Barker
  Opinion: We need a proper inquiry into Patrick Finucane’s murder (4) by David Thorpe
  Ed Miliband: against lobbying reform before he was for it (14) by The Voice
  Chris Huhne MP writes: Check, switch, insulate to save (15) by Chris Huhne MP
18th  The Independent View: Lib Dem peers kill local referendums (27) by Peter Facey
  Local liberal heroes: Tracy Ismail (0) by Mark Pack
  Julian Huppert MP writes: High Speed Rail no longer the transport of the future, but a logistical imperative (31) by Julian Huppert
  Tom Brake MP writes: Child detention – work in progress (5) by Tom Brake MP
  Opinion: Tackling the myths about that Scottish Diversity motion (9) by Caron Lindsay
  WATCH: Chris Huhne – Save Money, Stay Warm, Go Green (4) by The Voice
19th  Who are the two Ministers who have the Daily Star on order each day? (2) by Mark Pack
  Jasper Gerard writes… The Clegg Coup – and the serialisation horror (37) by Jasper Gerard
  Opinion: Euro-reformists, not Euro-philes (39) by Zadok Day
  Opinion: Delivering local citizens’ initiatives (3) by Carl Quilliam
  Paul Burstow MP writes: Mental health – changing attitudes, tackling stigma (3) by Paul Burstow
  In other news… (7) by Mark Pack
20th  The Parliamentary Boundary Commission for Scotland impresses… (0) by Mark Pack
  LibLink: Mark Pack – Unsolved problems of individual electoral registration (0) by NewsHound
  Congratulations to our competition winners (3) by Mark Pack
  Ken Livingstone ‘cannot win’, says top Labour official (7) by Mark Pack
  The Independent View: Local government, social media and what the public really wants (6) by Rob Dale
21st  Jasper Gerard writes… The truth about David Cameron’s relations with Liam Fox (2) by Jasper Gerard
  LibLink: David Laws – Could do better: how to stop our schools failing (10) by Nick T
  First Sure Start director has a positive verdict on new government’s children policies (1) by Mark Pack
  Mark Williams MP writes: We can achieve an accurate and complete electoral register (2) by Mark Williams MP
  Opinion: Court of Appeal upholds importance of social media in riot cases (3) by Antony Hook
  The LDV Friday Five: 21 October 2011 (0) by The Voice
  PMQs: You can’t gesticulate your way out of a Balls-up (2) by Paul Walter
  Murdoch faces rough ride from shareholders (0) by The Voice
22nd  The weekend debate: Is there nothing left to vote for? (25) by Carl Quilliam
  Want to hear Asquith’s defence of the 1909 People’s Budget? (1) by Mark Pack
  Opinion: Why you must lobby Parliament over welfare reform (26) by George Potter
  Opinion: Why won’t Nick Clegg trust the people with a referendum on Europe? (60) by Simon McGrath
  Martin Horwood: the real issue facing Europe today is an unprecedented economic crisis (13) by The Voice
23rd  Opinion: The failings of This Week (9) by Mark Hofman
  Five questions you should ask to make sense of the university application figures (24) by Mark Pack
  Campaign Corner: Should you still target during a PR election? (4) by Mark Pack
  Opinion: ‘Nick Clegg in drive to boost Liberal Democrats’ influence’ (4) by Paul Walter
  “The best pensions minister we have had in a generation” (1) by Mark Pack
  Top of the Blogs: The Lib Dem Golden Dozen #244 (0) by The Voice
24th  Free casework software coming for ALDC members (2) by Mark Pack
  The Independent View: Feeding cars or people? The case for food sovereignty (5) by Greg Muttitt
  Do you agree with Will Self about poverty, class and racism? (5) by Mark Pack
  Tim Farron MP writes… EU referendum: the Conservatives are not acting out of patriotism (36) by Tim Farron MP
  Julian Huppert MP writes… The Public Order Act: More than a little insulting (9) by Julian Huppert
  LibLink: Nick Thornsby – A simple change to the tax system could ease Britain’s economic woes (2) by NewsHound
  How do the university application figures match up against my five questions? (22) by Mark Pack
25th  Electoral administration lessons from the AV referendum: the Electoral Commission’s view (3) by Mark Pack
  Liverpool’s listening exercise and the Green Agenda (5) by Paula Keaveney
  Opinion: Education matters in tackling social mobility (20) by Tim Leunig
  LibLink: Paddy Ashdown – To be stronger, Europe must give away power (1) by Nick T
26th  Liam Fox set for £17,207 pay off (8) by Stuart Bonar
  Opinion: Tories advised to make it easy to fire people, for the sake of growth (18) by Lee Chalmers
  Don’t Take No For an Answer: Lewis Baston and Ken Ritchie on the AV referendum (30) by Mark Pack
  LibLink: Paul Tyler – The Lords are listening, but not to rent-a-mob email campaigns (12) by Nick T
  Opinion: Gaddafi’s Death – a conflict of emotion (5) by Layla Moran MP
  Dee Doocey writes… Questions now must be answered over the Met’s record of undercover policing (3) by Dee Doocey
  PMQs: Nadine Dorries asks question. No-one dies. (5) by Paul Walter
  A trio of Tory / Liberal Democrat disagreements in government (2) by Mark Pack
27th  Tim Farron: good speech, but wrong message (21) by Mark Pack
  LibLink: Paddy Ashdown – Libya’s path to democracy (2) by Nick T
  Opinion: How we’ve been going wrong for the last 20 years (17) by Tim Leunig
  34 PR agencies agree to internship pledge (0) by Mark Pack
  Liberal Democrats decide to pass up on fighting Police Commissioner elections (mostly) (35) by Mark Pack
28th  The best Conservative blog post of the week… (5) by Mark Pack
  The Independent View: Coalition’s social mobility strategy failing (8) by Jonathan Clifton
  Opinion: How the latest economic data vindicates the Coalition’s strategy (13) by David Thorpe
  LibLink: Chris Rennard – The Lib Dems’ three-pronged strategy for success (4) by Nick T
  How were the Scottish elections run? (0) by Mark Pack
29th  The weekend debate: Would Mitt Romney make a better President than Barack Obama? (8) by Carl Quilliam
  Opinion: The Tories are downgrading democracy (and the Lib Dems are letting them do it!) (26) by David Allen
  Commonwealth governments agree to end sexism in Royal succession rules (4) by Mark Pack
  Opinion: No political party should accept internships (20) by Rebecca Taylor
  The Leadership Programme: the first 11 (2) by Mark Pack
30th  Campaigning for safer school crossings in Essex (2) by Neil Monnery
  Opinion: Pity the Scottish school-leavers when English fees rise (36) by Ewan Hoyle
  Campaign Corner: What campaigning books are worth reading? (6) by Mark Pack
  Jeremy Browne writes… The London Conference on Cyberspace (1) by Jeremy Browne MP
  Top of the Blogs: The Lib Dem Golden Dozen #245 (2) by The Voice
31st  Opinion: Transport – time for a home-working revolution? (8) by Mark Hofman
  Opinion: The Liberal Democrats should contest Police Commissioner elections (19) by Tom King
  What next for London’s airports? (3) by The Voice
  Should the way members of federal committees vote be public? (12) by Mark Pack
  LibLink: Paddy Ashdown – ‘I used to think the party of Gladstone would end with Ashdown’ (0) by Helen Duffett
  Opinion: Reassessing New Labour (4) by Ed Maxfield
  Andrew Stunell MP writes: Lib Dems should welcome localist reforms of Council Tax (17) by Andrew Stunell MP
  Opinion: How to tackle over-population for the sake of our planet (9) by Marc Oxley
  LDVideo: Nick Clegg visits Sheffield Forgemasters, launches £950m regional growth fund (7) by Helen Duffett

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