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1st  What happens at Lib Dem Conference? Do you want to ask Vince a question? (5) by Caron Lindsay
  LibLink Layla Moran: Public school exam cheating row shows just how unlevel the playing field is (7) by NewsHound
  LibDemVoice Fantasy Football League: manager of the month for August (5) by Stephen Tall
  WATCH: Christine Jardine on the challenges facing Generation Y (4) by Caron Lindsay
2nd  Waste of public money and adventures in foreign journalism – an evening at the Edinburgh Book Festival (5) by Caron Lindsay
  Tories require senior Lib Dems to stand down from Council Executive pending investigation (6) by The Voice
  The Israeli occupation gets worse and worse (45) by John Kelly
3rd  Vince Cable hits Snapchat (3) by Caron Lindsay
  Vince Cable provides road map for “exit from Brexit” (37) by The Voice
  LibLink: Nick Clegg: Summer posturing has done little to advance Brexit (5) by NewsHound
  Cable on North Korea: Unilateral military action must be ruled out (22) by Caron Lindsay
  Why are Lib Dems trying to find common ground with Eurosceptics? (36) by Caron Lindsay
  Top of the Blogs: The Lib Dem Golden Dozen #487 (0) by Caron Lindsay
4th  What’s going on in our Parliaments this week? (0) by The Voice
  The drugs which kill the most have been legalised for centuries, so how will legalising cannabis make much difference? (35) by Paul Walter
  A review of this year’s Conference app (3) by Caron Lindsay
5th  Let ALDC know if you are a candidate for next May (2) by ALDC
  Cable on Brexit Bill (16) by Joe Otten
  The European ‘refugee crisis’ and the UK’s responsibilities (16) by Ruvi Ziegler
6th  Sal Brinton receives apology from Transport for London after being denied access to bus (14) by NewsHound
  Willie Rennie’s programme for government: Better schools, mental health care, more democracy in police (2) by Caron Lindsay
  Time to stand and stare (21) by Jane Reed
  Is this any way to treat a work colleague? Layla Moran jeered as she questions PM about childcare (11) by Caron Lindsay
  Vince Cable on Lib Dem mission to reduce inequality (55) by Caron Lindsay
7th  International Office team up with the ALDE Party to answer the question ‘can Brexit be a success for Europe?’ (21) by Harriet Shone
  WATCH: Tom Brake’s speech in Brexit Bill debate: This Bill must be resisted at every turn (4) by The Voice
8th  Scottish Parliament calls for rollout of Universal Credit to be halted (5) by Caron Lindsay
  Working towards a Decade for Women – Come and be part of it! (0) by Flo Clucas
  LibLink: Layla Moran “You can’t silence me now” (9) by NewsHound
9th  LibLink: Vince Cable: Why the Murdochs’ takeover of BSkyB should be blocked (4) by NewsHound
  A belter of a TV programme on the family history of Noel Clarke (0) by Paul Walter
  WATCH: Catherine Bearder and Vince Cable speak ahead of March for Europe #ExitfromBrexit (53) by Caron Lindsay
  Layla Moran on her Palestinian heritage, and what she’s fighting for at Westminster (1) by NewsHound
  Vince announces his Chief of Staff and Press Secretary (10) by Caron Lindsay
10th  LibLink: Vince Cable The Tory fallacy that immigrants are taking British jobs and driving down wages (31) by NewsHound
  Have you got your Lib Dem Disco tickets yet? (5) by Caron Lindsay
  LibLink: Willie Rennie: Lib Dems put forward a vision of Scotland at the heart of both unions (0) by NewsHound
  Top of the Blogs: The Lib Dem Golden Dozen #488 (0) by Caron Lindsay
11th  Paddy Ashdown writes…An essay to my Party on the eve of Conference (102) by Paddy Ashdown
  Bournemouth Briefing: Sunday’s #stopBrexit event (0) by The Voice
  Willie Rennie: Liberal Democrats have been at the forefront of devolution (2) by Caron Lindsay
  Liberal International, Dictatorship and the United Kingdom in 2017 (8) by Paul Reynolds
  Countdown to Conference: Two unmissable events if you are interested in policy (0) by The Voice
  Federal Conference Committee Report – amendments and emergency motions for Bournemouth (17) by Zoe O’Connell
12th  Paddy Ashdown writes…An essay to my party on the eve of Conference: Four dangerous ideas (63) by Paddy Ashdown
  What can we do about skills shortages? (and what about the clotted cream?) (26) by Mary Reid
  What makes the Lib Dems special? (12) by Neil Lewis
  Three competing theories as to why Hillary Clinton lost and Donald Trump won (15) by Paul Walter
  WATCH: Vince’s LBC phone in (1) by Caron Lindsay
13th  Conference issue of LIberator out (0) by The Liberator Collective
  Perhaps it’s time for… (47) by Jane Reed
  Welcome to Everyone Matters (0) by Pete Williams
  Devolution to get excited about…Part 1 (7) by Steve Spear
  The Independent View: Jewish opposition to Israeli policies (12) by Arthur Goodman
  Dutch support for a Millicent Fawcett Statue in Parliament Square (9) by Bernard Aris
14th  Caron’s guide to the craziness of Conference – updated for Bournemouth 2017 (8) by Caron Lindsay
  Cheer up Britannia, Brexit is coming (72) by John King
  Brexit and the Irish Border (23) by David Ford
  Nick and Miriam talk publicly for the first time about their son’s successful Cancer treatment (2) by Caron Lindsay
  Lib Dem Women at Conference: First steps on a long road towards equality in Parliament (7) by Flo Clucas
  WATCH: Christine Jardine on the “mindless, vindictive” online attacks she endured on day of her husband’s funeral (7) by Caron Lindsay
15th  Observations of an ex pat: Colombia on the brink (2) by Tom Arms
  New from the Liberal Democrat History Group (3) by Duncan Brack
  Federal Policy Committee Report 13 September 2017 (0) by Geoff Payne
  There’s going to be a row at Federal Conference after all… (23) by Caron Lindsay
  Julian Huppert writes…Why you need to be in the hall at 9 am tomorrow (6) by Julian Huppert
16th  Vince: Lib Dems can make a real difference to the future of our country (12) by Caron Lindsay
  What’s on at Conference today? The debates and speeches (0) by Caron Lindsay
  What’s on at Conference today? The Fringe (0) by The Voice
  If we want to save Britain’s relationship with Europe, we mustn’t demand a second referendum (22) by George Kendall
  Vince Cable writes: Why are Brexiteers so scared of the people? (109) by Vince Cable
  Top 50 most influential Lib Dems 2017 (5) by Iain Dale
  WATCH: Layla Moran’s speech to Conference (3) by Caron Lindsay
  That Lib Dem Disco set list in full (1) by Caron Lindsay
17th  What’s on at Conference today? The debates and speeches (2) by Caron Lindsay
  What’s on at Conference today? LDV on the Fringe (0) by Caron Lindsay
  Lynne Featherstone’s speech in climate change debate (6) by Caron Lindsay
  WATCH: Christine, Jo, Vince and others at the Conference rally (0) by Caron Lindsay
  In full: Jo Swinson’s speech to Conference (3) by The Voice
  ALDC Campaigner Award 2017 winners announced (0) by ALDC
18th  WATCH: Vince’s Q & A session (3) by The Voice
  Universal Credit a train wreck that must be stopped – Stephen Lloyd (6) by NewsHound
  Federal International Relations Committee – the unofficial official report… (1) by Mark Valladares
  In Full: Tim Farron’s speech to Conference (13) by Caron Lindsay
  WATCH: Willie Rennie’s speech to Conference (0) by Caron Lindsay
  Vince: I’m a proud saboteur (20) by Caron Lindsay
19th  In full: Kirsty Williams’ speech to Conference (9) by The Voice
20th  When the Leader crashes Not the Leader’s Speech (9) by Caron Lindsay
  Five quick observations about Vince’s speech (37) by Caron Lindsay
  Our new PPB: The one with Vince’s hat (58) by Caron Lindsay
21st  What Brexit means for women (9) by Flo Clucas
  Brexit, due process and the role of Parliament (6) by Riccardo Sallustio and James Thellusson
  Compassion and compromise – to get things done Labour has to work with the Lib Dems (16) by Will Barber Taylor
  First impressions from my first party conference – by a Lib Dem who voted Leave (25) by Keith Bates
  A response to the Conference debate on the Balfour Declaration (4) by Leon Duveen
  Vince Cable backs opt-out organ donation system (16) by Caron Lindsay
  Vince is on Question Time tonight. (9) by Caron Lindsay
  Lib Dems GAIN two Council seats from Labour (15) by Caron Lindsay
22nd  Observations of an ex pat: Scary (3) by Tom Arms
  What now for the centre? (18) by Steven Duckworth
  Time to ditch Connect? (28) by Michael Taylor
  William Wallace writes….What’s Brexit really all about? (9) by Lord William Wallace
  WATCH: Nick Clegg in conversation at Conference Fringe (2) by Caron Lindsay
  It’s up to all of us to prevent hate crime (3) by Chris Key
  Mathew’s Musings 22 September 2017 (8) by Mathew Hulbert
  Lib Dems react to Theresa May’s Florence speech (39) by The Voice
23rd  TfL’s Uber decision is no victory for liberalism (55) by Andy Briggs
  Lib Dem Conference highlights – the Universal Credit Debate (5) by Caron Lindsay
  Vince Cable’s message for Black History Month (1) by NewsHound
  Bi-Visibility Day – How Lib Dems can make a difference (3) by Caron Lindsay
24th  Champion the North of England (9) by Richard Kilpatrick
  Uber – a country dweller responds… (21) by Mark Valladares
  Lib Dem Conference highlights – Caron on the Fringe (0) by Caron Lindsay
  Talking Bournemouth and Brexit with Sam Skubala on the Politics World podcast (1) by Caron Lindsay
  Lib Dem Conference highlights – Neil Fawcett’s air guitar (1) by Caron Lindsay
  Top of the Blogs: The Lib Dem Golden Dozen #489 (1) by Caron Lindsay
25th  What you see and what you don’t see. Time to ditch GDP and measure our progress differently (25) by Darren Martin
  President John F. Kennedy continues to inspire, 100 years after his birth (27) by Paul Walter
  Apologies for the “fringe of Conference” (10) by George Kendall
26th  Lessons on North Korea from history (11) by Paul Walter
  Nigel Farage proves that he is the ultimate media tart (12) by Paul Walter
27th  Obituary for Tor Foster (0) by The Voice
  Vince for PM: How it might happen (67) by Caron Lindsay
  Can you guess what this parliamentary appurtenance is? (7) by Paul Walter
  Inside the home of “fake news” (2) by Paul Walter
  Happy Golden Jubilee to Willie Rennie (1) by Caron Lindsay
28th  Christine Jardine wants your WASPI stories (11) by The Voice
  Policy pitch: Divert money from Tax Credits to Lifelong Training Accounts (80) by George Kendall
  Exclusive: Former Lib Dem MP John Pugh to stand in Southport Council by-election (7) by Simon Shaw
29th  Discussing the European Refugee ‘Crisis’ and the UK’s Responsibilities. (6) by Bradley Hillier-Smith
  Observations of an ex pat: Identity crises (19) by Tom Arms
  My reply to Paddy’s essay: “Learn from history and prepare on multiple fronts” (9) by Bernard Aris
  An interesting observation from David Laws (10) by Caron Lindsay
30th  LibLink: Vince Cable: Politicians aren’t supposed to do it – but I’m marching on the Conservative conference. I have no choice (27) by NewsHound

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  • User AvatarStimpson 24th Jan - 1:31pm
    Voters need to be educated that socialism and nationalism are dangerous philosphies which will plunge them into poverty. Just because they may support the monarchy,...
  • User AvatarGlenn 24th Jan - 1:09pm
    As Richard says there is no parliamentary cross party unity, so a national government of unity is not going to happen. The other problem is...
  • User AvatarArnold Kiel 24th Jan - 1:08pm
    On a related note: Tim Farron on PMQ yesterday. Is he still in politics?
  • User AvatarPeter Martin 24th Jan - 1:06pm
    @ Stimpson, I just wondered if you ever get out and about to talk to ordinary people? You may not like what they say but...
  • User AvatarJoseph Bourke 24th Jan - 12:41pm
    David Raw, I was at a reception a few years back (as treasurer of the Irish Liberal Democrats) where the Irish ambassador was speaking about...
  • User AvatarRichard Church 24th Jan - 11:52am
    Since there is no unity to deliver a people's vote, there can be no government of national unity. If we finally get to the point...