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1st  Vince: CBI survey shows small businesses losing confidence in Government over Brexit (7) by The Voice
  Lib Dem Job Watch Special – ALDC seek Fundraisng and Sponsorship Officer (0) by ALDC
  Theresa May (38) by Rob Parsons
2nd  Benefit Cuts Will Increase Child Poverty (11) by Kirsten Johnson
  Both Houses Debate Calais Today (1) by Helen Byrne
  New Policy Working Group on Race Equality: Chair Needed (1) by Duncan Brack
  5p Cup Charge Might Just Happen (2) by Kirsten Johnson
  Lessons from Finland on Universal Basic Income (14) by Oliver Craven
  Improving Mental Health Services For Our Young People (1) by Baroness Joan Walmsley
  Former MP Pugh elected to Council in a night of Lib Dem gains and holds (26) by Caron Lindsay
3rd  Scottish Conference to discuss WASPI women, Exit from Brexit, mental health and gender neutral school uniform (1) by Caron Lindsay
  Just who are we, really? (33) by Katharine Pindar
  Cllr John Pugh writes: Cautionary tales from Southport (11) by John Pugh
  More women in elected office will help tackle harassment and bad behaviour (13) by Flo Clucas
  Jo Swinson MP writes…We must end period poverty (1) by Jo Swinson MP
  Take less from the rich (50) by Edward Morello
  Christine Jardine MP writes…We are simply the temporary guardians of their future (3) by Christine Jardine MP
  Jane Dodds is the new leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats (3) by Caron Lindsay
4th  Tom Brake MP writes…If you care about Brexit, read this… (44) by Tom Brake MP
  ALDC’s by-election report – 2 November 2017 (0) by ALDC
  Reprise: What Jane Dodds wants for the Welsh Liberal Democrats (0) by Jane Dodds
  Christine Jardine: Politicians must live up to their honourable titles (1) by NewsHound
  Laura Gordon selected as PPC for Sheffield Hallam (5) by The Voice
5th  Sal Brinton writes…We must have a politics in which everyone feels able to be involved free from abuse or harassment (15) by Sal Brinton
  Brexit will unravel (32) by Andrew George
  Vince’s email to party members: Lib Dems will work across parties to stamp out sexual harassment (0) by The Voice
  Roger Roberts on bringing hope to the most vulnerable (5) by Caron Lindsay
6th  Welcome to my day: 6 November 2017… (4) by Mark Valladares
  Let’s Replace the Tories! (48) by James Richardson
  This week in the Lords (6-7 November) – the preview (0) by Mark Valladares
  LibLink: William Wallace highlights the roles of others in World War II (7) by Mark Valladares
  Countering the fear factor (106) by Andy Daer
7th  Addressing the mid-level skills gap and improving opportunities for low paid workers (11) by Rebecca Taylor
  We are not a party of the centre (73) by MIchael Atkins
  An open letter to Liam Fox about Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe (9) by Chris Key
  Vince: Lib Dems want a fair deal for young people (15) by Caron Lindsay
8th  Brexit impact ████████ likely to be █████████ (10) by Adam Bernard
  Willie Rennie’s speech as Nicola Sturgeon apologises to gay men for historic convictions (3) by The Voice
  LibLink: Sir Ed Davey: Chancellor must properly fund community policing (8) by NewsHound
  Swinson: No 10 must answer questions over Patel (17) by Caron Lindsay
9th  Notes From A New Councillor: Bus Services Motion Passes! (5) by Kirsten Johnson
  News from the Liberal Democrats International Office (3) by News Meerkat
  Integrating Physical and Mental Health (3) by Kirsten Johnson
  Make Britain Great Again! First, though, the sacrifices… (50) by Katharine Pindar
  £18,000 Education Pot – a good idea? (18) by Kirsten Johnson
  The EU Parliament Takes A Principled Liberal Stance (8) by Martin Bennett
  Vince: Exit from Brexit very much on the cards (17) by NewsHound
10th  Lib Dems GAIN another Council seat (14) by Caron Lindsay
  Observations of an ex pat: A media world (1) by Tom Arms
  Your data, your choice – the ALDES fringe meeting in Bournemouth (0) by Robert Johnston
  Vince: Only Lib Dems offer strategy for growth and prosperity (26) by Caron Lindsay
  LibDemVoice Fantasy Football League: manager of the month for October (0) by Stephen Tall
11th  Sal Brinton writes…How the party is addressing members’ concerns over harassment complaints (3) by Sal Brinton
  Backlash against Trump in US elections (1) by Paul Walter
  ALDC’s by-election report – 9 November 2017 (0) by ALDC
  Rennie: Stand up for immigration to save our universities, health service and farms (0) by The Voice
12th  On leaving the “best job in politics” (2) by Phil Reilly

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  • User Avatartheakes 12th Nov - 9:20am
    The ex Post Holder has witnessed the biggest most sudden crash in electoral support ever. Why? We all know and have to learn from that....
  • User AvatarArnold Kiel 12th Nov - 9:14am
    The EU has both, a bold vision expressed in its treaties and by its leading representatives, and the slowly grinding, meticulous administration that forces a...
  • User AvatarDavid Raw 12th Nov - 8:39am
    @ Katharine Hope you sing heartily....... All well with the two wee ones in the big City. Going down (or up ?) in two weeks...
  • User AvatarJOHN INNES 12th Nov - 7:55am
    Wonderful news!
  • User AvatarDavid Evans 12th Nov - 4:32am
    @Peter Martin I think you have misunderstood the War Debt situation. UK citizens individually did not borrow to finance WW2, the UK government did. The...
  • User AvatarSean Hyland 12th Nov - 12:49am
    Sorry forgot Denmark with opt out.