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1st  Make votes matter in Wales (10) by Denis Mollison
  #1 in a journey through African American history – the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment (2) by Paul Walter
  Membership matters: Are Lib Dems really ahead of the Tories? And if so, is that good enough? (16) by Caron Lindsay
  Vince: Lib Dems demand an exit from Brexit referendum (29) by Caron Lindsay
  Vince: Boris should call in the Spanish Ambassador over Catalonia (18) by Caron Lindsay
  Top of the Blogs: The Lib Dem Golden Dozen #490 (1) by Caron Lindsay
2nd  The Fourth Industrial Revolution- The need for a full social and economic strategy to thrive in an age of accelerations. (18) by Darren Martin
  Prominent US statue of Philip Randolph – #2 in a journey through African American history (2) by Paul Walter
  Fighting Brexit: The virtues of patience (56) by John King
  LibDemVoice Fantasy Football League: manager of the month for September (1) by Stephen Tall
3rd  The governor who stood in the doorway to stop black students entering university – and the landmark speech which followed (6) by Paul Walter
  Labour closes ranks around the South Yorkshire Police Commissioner (6) by Joe Otten
4th  A lifelong “learning account”. Liberal, radical, just the way the party needs to go. (10) by Simeon North
  Violet Temple Lewis – an educational trailblazer for African American women (3) by Paul Walter
  Homeowners as Currency Counterfeiters: a Parable (48) by David Cooper
  The human element and the political reality – Vince on Theresa May’s speech (59) by Caron Lindsay
5th  Time To Get Ready For World Mental Health Day (2) by Kirsten Johnson
  Riot? Rebellion? or Revolution? (6) by Paul Walter
  The Right to Buy – A Solution to Funding Care of Older People? (18) by Steve Spear
  Our New Disability Policy (2) by Kirsten Johnson
  Why Fiscal Credibility Is Still Important (163) by Steven Duckworth
6th  No, Nick, you need to join the Rebel Alliance to stop Brexit, not the Imperial Stormtroopers (70) by Caron Lindsay
  The underground road to precious freedom for black slaves (11) by Paul Walter
  Reflexions on the “how to exit Brexit” debate at the Autumn Conference (14) by Bernard Aris
  Want to fly the Liberal Democrat banner in 2022 (or maybe sooner)? (6) by Mark Valladares
7th  The music that united the world (7) by Paul Walter
8th  Willie Rennie to hold talks with SNP over support for Brexit deal referendum (4) by The Voice
  Reminders of the unspeakable inhumanity of slavery (2) by Paul Walter
  Observations of an ex pat: Think, Mr Trump (2) by Tom Arms
  Lib Link: Nick Clegg – You can stop Brexit by joining the Labour party – or even the Tories (22) by The Voice
  Top of the Blogs: The Lib Dem Golden Dozen #491 (0) by Caron Lindsay
9th  In defence of tax credits: We must be the clear anti-poverty party (44) by Iain Porter
  A referendum on the Brexit deal is key, not growing other parties. (15) by Tom Morrison
  Baroness Joan Walmsley writes…Wasting a rare resource – and children’s lives (0) by Joan Walmsley
  The black slave whose failed bid for freedom led to the American Civil War (4) by Paul Walter
  Vince’s next speech (27) by Iain Roberts
10th  Splendid memorial to Dr Martin Luther King Junior in Washington DC (2) by Paul Walter
  Leave HQ editor welcomes the sweet release of a dismal fate (37) by Joe Otten
  Liberal Democrats mark World Mental Health Day (1) by Caron Lindsay
  WATCH: Liberal Democrat MPs slam Government’s contemptuous approach to Parliament (2) by Caron Lindsay
11th  Brexit: Desperately seeking a BATNA (34) by Mark Goodrich
  Just as US President Jimmy Carter was the antidote to “Tricky Dicky”, could Oprah Winfrey save the world from Trump? (4) by Paul Walter
  Post 2017 Northern Liberalism (10) by Ed Thornley
  Tim Farron explains how the Government’s cuts to supported accommodation will harm most vulnerable (4) by Caron Lindsay
  Olly Grender writes…Why Alison Suttie and I are sleeping out tonight (4) by Olly Grender
12th  Cyril Smith – an apology is the very least we owe the victims (0) by Ruth Bright
  In the heart of the American rebellion (3) by Paul Walter
  Visibility of Women (or lack thereof) (4) by Flo Clucas
  Caring, Bereavement and the Liberal Family (9) by David Warren
  A couple of observations about Vince’s reshuffle (15) by Caron Lindsay
  The Love of Learning (9) by Kirsten Johnson
13th  Lib Dems gain in Three Rivers and forge ahead in Sheffield (14) by Caron Lindsay
  Observations of an ex pat: A Friendly Wall (0) by Tom Arms
  LibLink: Nick Clegg: Be warned, Brexiteers, I know better than most the consequences of breaking a promise (2) by NewsHound
  Post 2017 Northern Liberalism Part 2 (16) by Ed Thornley
  The home where Martin Luther King’s family were bombed (0) by Paul Walter
  Should Liberal Democrats get more angry at Corbyn and the Tories? (28) by George Kendall
  Campbell: Every time Trump opens his mouth, the world becomes a less safe place (0) by The Voice
14th  Loss, connection and happiness. Is Liberal Democrat activism good for us? (36) by Katharine Pindar
  Cole-Hamilton: Defeating Brexit is our Everest (8) by Caron Lindsay
  Kenyan opposition leader in London: ‘New election will be as corruptly conducted as last month’s & its outcome will in no way represent will of Kenyans’ (2) by Paul Walter
15th  Liz Evans and Jane Dodds meet in Welsh Lib Dem leadership hustings (1) by Caron Lindsay
  Alex Cole-Hamilton calls for continence strategy (4) by Caron Lindsay
  So Labour’s against a no-deal Brexit. Are we supposed to be grateful? (36) by Caron Lindsay
  Top of the Blogs: The Lib Dem Golden Dozen #492 (0) by Caron Lindsay
16th  Lib Dems should question detention of political activist under terror laws (8) by Caron Lindsay
  LibLink: Vince Cable: Politicians get lost in search for fabled Magic Money Tree (39) by NewsHound
  The woman who refused to budge on the bus – and made history (2) by Paul Walter
  WATCH: Alex Cole-Hamilton and Scottish Young Liberals President speak at Edinburgh Rally for Europe (3) by Caron Lindsay
  My speech to the Nottingham Rally for Europe (30) by Mathew Hulbert
17th  This single photograph shows an amazing crucible of American history (4) by Paul Walter
  Welsh Lib Dems’ Leadership: Jane Dodd writes “I want to lead a party that is radical and reforming” (11) by Jane Dodds
  Post 2017 Northern Liberalism – Part 3 (38) by Ed Thornley
18th  John Leech slams Manchester Council on homelessness (20) by Caron Lindsay
  A journey through American history – a compendium (3) by Paul Walter
  Protesting by ‘taking the knee’ during the “Star-spangled banner” – who are the patriots? (5) by Paul Walter
  Welsh Lib Dems’ Leadership: Liz Evans writes…We must offer a positive alternative to nationalism (10) by Liz Evans
19th  We Are More Unequal Than Ever (17) by Kirsten Johnson
  Kent County Council to debate “all options” on the Customs Union today (8) by Antony Hook
  The Fight for Equality Goes On! (3) by Kirsten Johnson
  The Federal Policy Committee Report (4) by Geoff Payne
  Question Time is going to be worth watching tonight (8) by Caron Lindsay
  Vince Cable’s message for Diwali (0) by The Voice
20th  Observations of an ex pat: Patriotism vs Nationalism (17) by Tom Arms
  LibLink: Nick Clegg: Bickering brexiteers and teenage footballers (26) by NewsHound
  WATCH: Jo Swinson talking about her political comeback (2) by Caron Lindsay
  Cole-Hamilton: Children must have equal protection from assault (5) by Caron Lindsay
  Martin Luther King: How the dream speech wasn’t planned (6) by Paul Walter
21st  WATCH: Vince Cable talking about the Brexit Bill and how it undermines Parliament (1) by Caron Lindsay
  LibLink: Nick Clegg: Finally the Brexit spell is beginning to lift: MPs are beginning to stand against it (9) by NewsHound
22nd  Universal Basic Services – an alternative to Universal Basic Income? (4) by Laurence Cox
  We should be defending the fundamental rights of the people of Catalonia (3) by Alan Collins Pérez de Baños

Recent Comments

  • User Avatarjames 22nd Oct - 12:09pm
    @E so no 2nd referendum then? Or even any referendum?
  • User AvatarAnne Williams 22nd Oct - 11:56am
    I agree with Nick too.
  • User AvatarJennie 22nd Oct - 11:47am
    Yes, Caron, the Azure card was what I had in mind. Horrible, nasty, punitive thing.
  • User AvatarCaron Lindsay 22nd Oct - 11:43am
    Well said, Jennie. The Azure card scheme for asylum seekers gives a concrete example of how terrible the provision of basic services would be.
  • User AvatarE 22nd Oct - 11:38am
    Well said Jim. Whereas I agree the police response was excessive. To even consider declaring independence on the back of a flawed, illegal and unrepresentative...
  • User AvatarGlenn 22nd Oct - 11:22am
    Jennie' I completely agree.