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Monthly Archives: February 2024

1st  LibLink: Ed Davey on the Post Office scandal (76) by The Voice
3rd  LISTEN: Christine Jardine on Any Questions (3) by The Voice
5th  Welcome to my day: 5 February 2024 (24) by Mark Valladares
  Liberal Democrats expose the impact of long GP and hospital waits on mental health (5) by NewsHound
  5-9 February: this week in the Lords (1) by Mark Valladares
  5 February 2024 – today’s press releases (2) by Mark Valladares
6th  Memorial Service for David Patterson (0) by Matthew Green
  Is regional devolution the way forward? (16) by Jack Lee-Brown
  6 February 2024 – today’s press releases (14) by Mark Valladares
7th  7 February 2024 – the overnight press release (1) by The Voice
  Ed Davey talks to Today about the Horizon scandal (6) by The Voice
  A Nation of Bystanders? (9) by David Brunnen
  7 February 2024 – today’s press releases (0) by Mark Valladares
8th  Paul Kohler and restorative justice (4) by Mary Reid
  8 February 2024 – today’s press releases (part 1) (1) by Mark Valladares
  8 February 2024 – today’s press releases (part 2) (16) by Mark Valladares
9th  Are tactical voting arrangements the key to Constitutional Reform? (11) by Tim Knight
  Cllr Alan Gloak MBE- a life well lived (1) by Ed Fordham
  Another fixed election in Pakistan? (10) by Mo Waqas
10th  ALDC By-Election report – 8 February 2024 (117) by Charles Quinn
11th  Jim Wallace remembers Donald Dewar (5) by The Voice
12th  Welcome to my day: 12 February 2024 (7) by Mark Valladares
  12-14 February 2024 – this week in the Lords (1) by Mark Valladares
  12 February 2024 – the weekend’s press releases (5) by Mark Valladares
13th  The Party President on our long term plan (44) by Mark Pack
  Liberator 421 is now out (2) by The Liberator Collective
  Should social media use be curbed for under-16s? (9) by Jack Lee-Brown
  Spring Conference Agenda and Directory now available – and a date for your diary (2) by The Voice
14th  Party awards – get your nominations in by 27 February (0) by The Voice
  LIb Dem Lords speak out on conversion therapy (0) by Caron Lindsay
  Rob Blackie: Met Police funding “too little, too late” (3) by The Voice
15th  Who was King Athelstan? And why does Ed Davey admire him? (8) by Mary Reid
  Council Budgets allow us to put Liberal Values into practice (1) by Victor Chamberlain
16th  Through my lens: navigating Islamophobia (10) by Mo Waqas
17th  Lib Dems react to Alexei Navalny’s death (7) by The Voice
  Observations of an Expat: What does America get out of NATO? (17) by Tom Arms
18th  A great gain and 2 strong holds in this week’s by-elections (34) by Caron Lindsay
19th  Welcome to my day: 19 February 2024 (12) by Mark Valladares
  Christine Jardine introduces Bill to give British citizens right to Consular assistance (0) by The Voice
20th  The Miners’ Strike forty years on (13) by Geoff Reid
  Is self-build an answer to the housing crisis? (12) by Jack Lee-Brown
21st  Lib Dems launch rescue plan for farmers (2) by The Voice
  Breathtaking – a personal perspective (0) by Cass Macdonald
  Ed on tonight’s drama in Parliament: We need an urgent end to the humanitarian catastrophe (12) by Caron Lindsay
  Layla Moran’s speech in tonight’s debate: We need to stop this now (6) by Caron Lindsay
22nd  I’ve been elected to Federal Board – what do you want championed? (9) by Callum Robertson
23rd  LibLink: Victor Chamberlain: Local authorities still hold the key to accessible housing (3) by NewsHound
  Braverman’s article: a catalyst for Islamaphobia (9) by Mo Waqas
  ALDC’s by-election report – 22 February 2024 (0) by Charles Quinn
24th  Lib Dems mark 2 years since invasion of Ukraine (20) by The Voice
  Observations of an ex pat: Space Wars (3) by Tom Arms
  LIb Dems demand that Sunak removes the Whip from Lee Anderson (5) by Caron Lindsay
25th  Tom Arms’ World Review (1) by Tom Arms
  Ed on Kuenssberg: Lib Dems are excited and confident about election (23) by Caron Lindsay
26th  Welcome to my day: 26 February 2024 – the Nasty Party, blue in tooth and claw?… (7) by Mark Valladares
  PSA: Reddit AMA with Mark Pack on 3rd March! (0) by Brandon Masih
  We should allow Ukrainian refugees to stay (2) by Mike Giles
  26 February – 1 March 2024 – this week in the Lords (0) by Mark Valladares
  26 February 2024 – today’s press releases (1) by Mark Valladares

Recent Comments

  • Peter Martin
    A curious story in the Telegraph today about the possibility of the eurozone going bust! It's all nonsense of course. The "central banks" of the EU can never...
  • Cllr Fran Oborski
    I’m hosting a Ukrainian refugee who is a lovely lady. She has a Teaching Degree and a Masters in Pedagogy but wanted to work in a factory while she improved h...
  • Neil Hickman
    I almost feel sorry for Lee Anderson. The man doesn't pretend to be the sharpest knife in the drawer. Given the campaign that the Tories fought against Sadiq K...
  • David Raw
    Sorry, Mr Macfie, but the blue wall seats are not the same as the seats lost in 2015 for quite different reasons....
  • David Raw
    @ Alex Macfie " it’ll be much harder to attack him over it after he’s given his evidence". That's what you hope will happen. My opinion - after si...