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1st  Happy new year! (1) by Mark Pack
  Five tech tips for the new year: learn how to promote a site through leaflets (1) by Mark Pack
  Forthcoming candidate selections (3) by Mark Pack
  The 12 Op-Eds of Christmas (Day 8) (4) by The Voice
  Resolve to communicate better with your members (5) by Alex Foster
  Daily View 2×2: 1 January 2010 (5) by Helen Duffett
  What the papers say… (0) by Philip Young
2nd  Radical and different: our proposition to voters (14) by Laurie Eggleston
  The 12 Op-Eds of Christmas (Day 9) (0) by The Voice
  How you can help Liberal Democrat Voice (2) by The Voice
  Fall-out over Tory selection meeting in Oldham (8) by Mark Pack
  Parties on a war footing – but what are they fighting for? (1) by Helen Duffett
3rd  Daily View 2×2: 3 January 2010 (0) by Mark Pack
  The 12 Op-Eds of Christmas (Day 10) (0) by The Voice
  General election prediction: new figures out (11) by Mark Pack
  20,000 road signs in kilometers – an evil EU plot? (66) by Iain Roberts
  High on drugs, yet soft on drivers? (4) by Sara Bedford
  Top of the Blogs: The Golden Dozen #150 (0) by Stephen Tall
4th  Daily View 2×2: 4 January 2010 (1) by Stephen Tall
  The 12 Op-Eds of Christmas (Day 11) (0) by The Voice
  Gibberish, duplication and stating the obvious – but which party? (1) by Chris White
  Vince: Tory sums do not stack up (2) by The Voice
  Cameron’s confusion over Tory marriage tax plans (2) by Stephen Tall
  Ming Campbell answers questions from readers in The Independent (0) by NewsHound
  Dizzy Thinks for me (1) by Mark Pack
  Belated LDV statporn for 2009. And my answer to the question, does it matter? (2) by Stephen Tall
  LibLink … Nick Clegg: The Liberal Democrats are not for sale (7) by Stephen Tall
5th  Council admits ‘mistake’ over gritting deputy leader’s private road (0) by The Voice
  The 12 Op-Eds of Christmas (Day 12) (0) by The Voice
  Ten predictions for the general election televised party leader debates (15) by Mark Pack
  Can you come up with a punchy Lib Dem slogan? (60) by Stephen Tall
  Daily View 2×2: 5 January 2010 (0) by Sara Bedford
  The Independent View: Wootton Bassett demonstrations: another Muslim point of view (14) by Shaaz Mahboob
  Is this the laziest piece of political journalism ever? (9) by Stephen Tall
  Aspiring Independent candidate in Chingford changes his name to “None Of The Above” (23) by Helen Duffett
  Labour ups election spending by a third as Conservatives make big cuts (0) by Mark Pack
6th  Daily View 2×2: 6th January 2010 (0) by Iain Roberts
  Nick: fairness is the Lib Dems’ core value (3) by Stephen Tall
  Welcome to tax and spend politics, 1992 style (3) by Mark Pack
  +++ Hoon and Hewitt call for Brown leadership ballot (8) by Stephen Tall
  All aboard the new quango train, Conservative Party style (2) by Mark Pack
  LibLink … Chris Huhne: Terrorists don’t stand still, and neither can we (11) by NewsHound
  Nick: Labour and Tories stand for ‘corrupt politics’ (4) by Stephen Tall
  LibLink: Stephen Tall: “What kind of cockeyed electoral system produces that type of crazy result?” (17) by NewsHound
  Times obituary of Anna Werrin (0) by The Voice
  LibLink … Mark Pack on Labour’s SnowStorm Plot (0) by NewsHound
7th  Daily View 2×2: 7 January 2010 (0) by Alex Foster
  Don’t be an Edward Everett (11) by Mark Pack
  The Independent View: Infrastructure, Infrastructure, Infrastructure (8) by Nelson Ogunshakin
  Britain’s best MP competition: the results (10) by Keith Halstead
  Where are the “it’s health and safety gone mad”/”we’re living in a nanny state” brigade when you need them? (16) by Mark Pack
  “Former lord mayor suspended over sex talk” – Telegraph (4) by Mark Pack talks to PPC Carys Davies (9) by Alex Foster
8th  Liberal Democrats regain Woodfield, Harrogate Borough Council (8) by Helen Duffett
  Daily View 2×2: 8 January 2010 (0) by Helen Duffett
  Uniform versus proportional swing: which is best? (10) by Mark Pack
  Have your say on MPs’ expenses (6) by Helen Duffett
  Chris Nelson selected for Lib Dems in Kettering (9) by Helen Duffett
  Campaigning in the snow (8) by Alex Foster
  The LDV Friday Five (ish): 8/1/10 (0) by Stephen Tall
  Were Hoon and Hewitt of the wrong generation to succeed? (3) by Mark Pack
9th  The Saturday debate: Online political discussion is doomed to disappoint (22) by Mark Pack
  NEW POLL: Who is your Liberal Voice of the Year? (24) by Stephen Tall
  What the papers say… (0) by Robert Dobson
  LDV readers say: Televised leaders’ debates will be great help to Lib Dems (2) by Stephen Tall
  LDVideo … ‘British papers are rubbish’ special edition (1) by Stephen Tall
  “Tories covered up cash donations from Zac Goldsmith” (8) by The Voice
10th  Daily View 2×2: 10 January 2010 (1) by Mark Pack
  Revealed: the Lib-Con pact election poster (40) by Stephen Tall
  Opinion: How student visas are creating crime incentives (3) by The Voice
  Gina Ford vs Nick Clegg (21) by Mark Pack
  Book review: the Anthony Seldon solution to restoring trust in national life (4) by Mark Pack
  Top of the Blogs: The Golden Dozen #151 (2) by Stephen Tall
  Businesses get off lightly in the snow (8) by Mark Pack
11th  Law Society does the legal profession no favours (7) by Mark Pack
  Daily View 2×2: 11 January 2010 (2) by Stephen Tall
  Nick sets out Lib Dem election principles: “Four steps to a fairer Britain” (23) by The Voice
  Media to start getting marked for quality of opinion poll reporting (3) by Mark Pack
  Elaine Bagshaw resigns as Chair of Liberal Youth (6) by The Voice
  Indy bigs up Mark Pack but exposes Twitter’s weakness (10) by Iain Roberts
  How to be a Lib Dem blogger: get our collected series of articles (2) by Mark Pack
  Conference deadlines approaching (0) by Alex Foster
  Mrs Robinson – an Internet campaign too far? (27) by Iain Roberts
  What David Miliband could have learned from Chris Huhne (1) by Stephen Tall
  Peter Robinson’s other problem (0) by Mark Pack
  Sunday Telegraph and Mail on Sunday accused of printing false comments from health and safety experts (9) by Mark Pack
12th  Daily View 2×2: 12 January 2010 (0) by Sara Bedford
  The Guardian’s approving verdict on the Lib Dems’ manifesto principles is correct … but for the wrong reasons (13) by Stephen Tall
  Lib Dem PPC resigns over blog comments (28) by The Voice
  Opinion: Snow’s here – watch out for the Russians (1) by Chris White
  What to make of Nick Clegg’s four steps? (12) by Mark Pack
  Liberal Youth … the story continues (27) by The Voice
  Two new reports into online politics (1) by Mark Pack
  Political polling hit record levels in 2009 (4) by Mark Pack
13th  Daily View 2×2: 13 January 2010 (4) by Iain Roberts
  Labour minister in Lib Dem electoral fraud smear (14) by Iain Roberts
  The 2010 general election: it’s a game of three halves (8) by Mark Pack
  Lord Tebbit’s praise for the Lib Dems’ tax plans (33) by Sara Bedford
  What do we want? Section 63 of the Metropolitan Paving Act 1817 of course (22) by Mark Pack
  Emergency Commons debate after Lib Dem MP John Hemming “intimidated” by solicitors (5) by The Voice
  Clegg calls for full gay equality – what will Cameron do? (55) by The Voice
  PMQs: Clegg to Brown on Chilcot Inquiry – “What have you got to hide?” (1) by Stephen Tall
  “Tory councillor expelled after rape remarks” – but why involve the standards committee? (8) by Mark Pack
14th  Modest good news as Government makes modest backdown (3) by Mark Pack
  First-Past-The-Post: the ‘safe seats’ system that breeds lazy, corrupt MPs (21) by Stephen Tall
  YouGov and female voters: what happened in 2009? (4) by Mark Pack
  Daily View 2×2: 14 January 2010 (1) by Alex Foster
  Nine Liberal Democrats shortlisted in Councillor of the Year awards (3) by Mark Pack
  DNA profiles removed at rate of only one a day (8) by The Voice
  Empty homes policy launch (22) by Alex Foster
  LDV’s Liberal Voice poll: a two-horse race* between Tatchell and Goldacre? (0) by Stephen Tall
  Lib Dems and Labour headed in opposite directions on health and crime (7) by Mark Pack
15th  The Economist: “the Liberal Democrats have the most mature position on the deficit” (2) by The Voice
  What do the latest electoral fraud figures reveal? (1) by Mark Pack
  £1 billion a month added to Council pension deficits (4) by The Voice
  MPs’ expenses: have you sent in your views yet? (4) by Mark Pack
  Opinion: Power2010 gives a unique form of democracy a chance to blossom (5) by Andrew May
  Daily View 2×2: 15 January 2010 (1) by Helen Duffett
  What did a constituency election campaign cost in 1910? (5) by Mark Pack
  The LDV Friday Five: 15 January 2010 (2) by Helen Duffett
16th  Julian Huppert selected for Lib Dems in Cambridge (15) by Helen Duffett
  The Saturday debate: Choice is a poor way of improving public services (20) by Mark Pack
  LibLink … Nick Clegg: Politicians must set out plans for the deficit (2) by NewsHound
  MPs rally to Hemming’s cause over “intimidating” solicitor’s letter (2) by The Voice
  Opinion: “Si, se puede” (5) by Bill le Breton
  Tory councillor’s racist comments censured (4) by The Voice
  What the papers say… (2) by Robert Dobson
  One-third of Cameron’s shadow cabinet opposed to gay rights (3) by The Voice
  Poll of teachers puts Lib Dems in third place at 14% (16) by Stephen Tall
17th  Daily View 2×2: 17 January 2010 (0) by Mark Pack
  Home schooling: what is the liberal approach? (42) by Stephen Tall
  A remarkable prediction – can you do better? (0) by Iain Roberts
  Congratulations to… (7) by Mark Pack
  Top of the Blogs: The Golden Dozen #152 (1) by Stephen Tall
  Eric v Paddy: who’s the “frail and confused” one? (8) by Stephen Tall
  Welcome to Sara Bedford (1) by Stephen Tall
18th  It’s “Let’s Make Nice Month”: experimental change to LDV’s comments policy (48) by Stephen Tall
  Daily View 2×2: 18 January 2010 (0) by Stephen Tall
  Fifty years and still the same problem (2) by Iain Roberts
  Conservative policy making informed by TV detective series (7) by Sara Bedford
  LibLink: Lynne Featherstone: You Ask The Questions (1) by NewsHound
  What do PPCs do on Twitter? (5) by Mark Pack
  Cameron thinks elitism will fix education (19) by Helen Duffett
  LDV readers vote Peter Tatchell your Liberal Voice of the Year (2) by Stephen Tall
  Nick Clegg calls for reform of UK libel law (3) by The Voice
  If Lib Dems take Burnley it will “send shockwaves” around Labour (10) by Stephen Tall
  A challenge to the Press Complaints Commission to improve its code (12) by Mark Pack
19th  Peter Tatchell’s message to LDV readers (8) by Stephen Tall
  Today’s Massachusetts Special Election (4) by Alex Foster
  Daily View 2×2: 19 January 2010 (1) by Sara Bedford
  If you want to understand modern government, understand the Office of the Public Guardian (6) by Mark Pack
  Brown rediscovers his middle class roots (2) by Sara Bedford
  “Reasonable to assume” BNP’s accounts break the law (0) by Mark Pack
  Julian Huppert writes … Campaigning in Cambridge (2) by Julian Huppert
  Senior Labour councillor defects to Haringey Lib Dems (5) by Helen Duffett
  Cable: “Liberal Democrats committed to Crossrail” (2) by Helen Duffett
  Two Conservative councillors switch; new Norfolk candidate selected (3) by Mark Pack
20th  Daily View 2×2: 20 January 2010 (0) by Iain Roberts
  It’s Brown vs Brown on electoral reform (0) by Mark Pack
  Lib Dem PPC resigns over e-mail allegations (18) by Sara Bedford
  Tackling crime: talking to and involving the public works (0) by Mark Pack
  Opinion: Who to Blame for the Democrats’ Loss In Massachusetts? Blame Me. (13) by Karin Robinson
  The Independent View: How do we stop the growth of the surveillance state? (6) by Simon Davies
  Opinion: a salty problem for local lovers (12) by Chris White
  Peter Tatchell writes … Is Museveni the new Mugabe? (16) by Peter Tatchell
21st  New poll shows strong public support for reform of the Press Complaints Commission (2) by Mark Pack
  Daily View 2×2: 21 January 2010 (5) by Alex Foster
  Lib Dem MPs split on Euro referendum? (9) by Stephen Tall
  Some campaigning advice doesn’t change (2) by Mark Pack
  General election manifesto update (5) by Mark Pack
  Mass gathering in defence of street photography #phnat (2) by Helen Duffett
  What will Cameron do next – as Polish friends show their prejudice once more? (1) by The Voice
  When should the state intervene? RBS, Kraft & Cadbury and the Eternal Liberal Dilemma (11) by Stephen Tall
  Could Cameron cost Tories the West? (8) by Mark Pack
  This is why the Editors’ Code of Practice needs reforming (3) by Mark Pack
  Ballot box security: adding your own seals (11) by Mark Pack
22nd  Brown to face Iraq inquiry soon thanks to Clegg pressure (2) by Stephen Tall
  Writing to an MP? Best enclose an SAE (3) by Iain Roberts
  Daily View 2×2: 22 January 2010 (0) by Helen Duffett
  The Independent View: Holocaust Memorial Day 2010 (2) by Carly Whyborn
  Opinion: UK Border Agency plunges colleges into crisis (34) by The Voice
  The LDV Friday Five: 22 January 2010 (0) by Helen Duffett
  Cowley Street shuts Plymouth Lib Dem branch (5) by The Voice
  So George, tell us, when exactly did you decide to back Obama’s banking reforms? (2) by Stephen Tall
23rd  Was Britain more broken under the Tories? (9) by Iain Roberts
  Controversial Scottish blogger arrested (7) by Mark Pack
  The Saturday debate: we need more ideology (13) by Mark Pack
  LibLink … Paddy Ashdown: If we want to win wars, first change the MoD (1) by NewsHound
  Third Conservative councillor switches in Cannock Chase (1) by Mark Pack
  Ex-Tory MP pledges to back Lib Dem candidate in Eastbourne (1) by The Voice
  Lancashire Lib Dem PPC quits to spend more time with Rochdale Council (4) by The Voice
  Should you buy up opponents’ domain names? (6) by The Voice
  Opinion: What the Edlington case really says about our society (13) by Rachel Smith
24th  Video: Sarah Ludford MEP at Mass Photo Gathering (2) by Helen Duffett
  Daily View 2×2: 24 January 2010 (1) by Mark Pack
  What the pollsters think will happen at the general election (8) by Stephen Tall
  Lucky Preston North End didn’t lose, really (4) by Iain Roberts
  LibLink … Vince Cable: Mandelson melted like a creme egg as the vultures swooped (3) by NewsHound
  LibLink … Norman Baker: Hutton was farcical, feeble and amateurish… so we MUST be told the truth next week (1) by NewsHound
  Welcome to the new bloggers… (2) by Mark Pack
  Top of the Blogs: The Golden Dozen #153 (0) by Stephen Tall
25th  Daily View 2×2: 25 January 2010 (8) by Stephen Tall
  How will the BBC cover the 2010 general election? (7) by Mark Pack
  Vince: Lib Dems are the only party of genuine economic reform (8) by The Voice
  EXCLUSIVE: Standards Commissioner rules four journalists broke Parliament’s rules (7) by Mark Pack
  Lib Dem Voice: reporting the news six months ahead of the Telegraph (1) by Mark Pack
26th  Liberal Democrat Mayor suspended over benefits investigation (14) by Mark Pack
  100 days to work, 100 days to win (5) by Iain Roberts
  Daily View 2×2: 26 January 2010 (0) by Sara Bedford
  Vince on 0.1% growth: “We are not out of the woods yet” (0) by The Voice
  Tip: if you want to be credible, avoid claiming the NHS is a Nazi/Communist plot (4) by Iain Roberts
  ‘Hyndburngate’ spying allegations (1) by Mark Pack
  The Independent View: Three myths about PR – and one uncomfortable truth (15) by Jason O'Mahony
  Police stop TV presenters under anti-terrorism legislation – for carrying glittery hairdryers (1) by Sara Bedford
  ICM: 59% of Lib Dem voters support marriage tax breaks … Or do they? (6) by Stephen Tall
  “Labour goes to war over the selection of Luciana Berger for Wavertree” (3) by Mark Pack
  Oaten reduced to tears in new Channel 4 documentary (31) by The Voice
  Hearing starts into the case of the missing Stoke ballot paper (6) by Mark Pack
27th  British Social Attitudes survey: what does it signify for the Liberal Democrats? (19) by Richard Huzzey
  Memo to Home Office: it would be terribly nice if you sometimes answered a letter (0) by Mark Pack
  The Independent View: Close the Freedom of Information loophole (2) by John Cross
  Clegg on suppressed Iraq documents: “this has all the hallmarks of a cover up” (1) by The Voice
  Opinion: MPs should keep out of local rag debate (3) by Chris White
  Baker: time to refund passengers forced on to rail replacement buses (4) by The Voice
  Piracy letter campaign ‘nets innocents’ (7) by Mark Pack
  Stoke election result upheld (2) by Mark Pack
28th  Daily View 2×2: 28 January 2010 (0) by Alex Foster
  Social media’s impact on politics, part one: the groups that face extinction (8) by Mark Pack
  Three “disgusting, eco-fascist, bullying” questions for Conservatives (3) by Alex Foster
  If Gordon’s a “glum optimist” and Dave’s a “perky doom-monger”, can Nick be the “honest optimist”? (5) by Stephen Tall
  New Lib Dem members’ site goes live (7) by Stephen Tall
  Lester QC vs Goldsmith QC: Lib Dem peer says “He didn’t give the correct legal view” (7) by The Voice
  Lamb urges tighter rules for foreign doctors (7) by The Voice
  Cameron: he was against paternity pay before he was in favour of it. What will his view be next month? (1) by Stephen Tall
  Tory councillor’s nicknames: domestic abuse victims are “screamers”, gay people are “queens” (13) by Stephen Tall
  Jeremy Browne wins expenses appeal – acted “openly and honestly” (2) by The Voice
  Nigel Waterson MP attacked by his own side for negative campaigning (1) by Mark Pack
  Twitter, Taxpayers’ Alliance and claims of dodgy journalism (3) by Mark Pack
29th  Daily View 2×2: 29 January 2010 (2) by Iain Roberts
  Déjà vu all over again: what the 1974 Liberal Party manifesto said (7) by Stephen Tall
  The Independent View: Why Lib Dem, Labour and Green progressives must work together (47) by Anneliese Midgley
  Reminder: an easy way for by-election candidates to communicate with voters (1) by Mark Pack
  Opinion: The Equality Bill & religious faith – Church v State? Not so much. (13) by Paul Walter
  The LDV Friday Five: 29 January 2010 (2) by Helen Duffett
  By-election news: Great start to the New Year (0) by John Bridges
30th  The Saturday debate: it’s no longer about market versus state (12) by Mark Pack
  Fancy a new deliverer? (6) by Rob Blackie
  Another Cameron gaffe: Tories in a tangle over public spending (12) by Stephen Tall
  Crikey, I appear to know more about Liverpool than the new Labour candidate (11) by Mark Pack
  The second biggest fight in Wales: Ceredigion (9) by Huw Dawson
31st  Daily View 2×2: 31 January 2009, presenting RISO: The Movie (3) by Mark Pack
  Life expectancy of 13? That’s Victorian values for you. (7) by Iain Roberts
  Two-thirds of key helicopters for Afghanistan unavailable (4) by Mark Pack talks to PPC Geoff Williams (3) by Mark Pack
  Book review: How grassroots activists saved the Liberal Party (7) by Mark Pack
  Top of the Blogs: The Golden Dozen #154 (2) by Stephen Tall
  Three Lib Dem MPs fighting Legg’s expenses judgement (1) by The Voice

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