Monthly Archives: February 2021

1st  In praise of Erasmus+ (21) by Paul Harrison
2nd  LibLink – Ed Davey: LGBT+ history month is a time to celebrate the lives and experiences of the entire LGBT+ community. (12) by The Voice
  Layla Moran: Myanmar’s military must step back from the brink (7) by NewsHound
  Families of those of who have died from Covid-19 deserve answers – Ed Davey (11) by NewsHound
  Campaign to stand up for carers (2) by NewsHound
  Gloucestershire police spokeswoman: “the activity of delivering leaflets does not contravene Covid Legislation” (20) by NewsHound
3rd  Robert Jenrick’s Grand Designs (7) by Iain Roberts
  Universal Basic Income – The case the Liberal Democrats must make (34) by Lewis Younie
  Gloucestershire Police reverse their decision and say that leafleting by individual political party activists is illegal (22) by NewsHound
  Let’s all agree on a federal plan (10) by John Knox
  We must keep pushing for action on the country’s cladding scandal (11) by Keith Aspden
  Should we thank Gwyneth Paltrow and Matt Damon for 10 million vaccinations within a month? (23) by Paul Walter
4th  Would you like to join us? (0) by The Voice
  Telling Covid as it is in rural Shropshire (2) by Andy Boddington and Tracey Huffer
  COP26 will fail unless we grant it the powers of a supra-national council (54) by Andy Daer
  What might a “Citizens’ Britain” local election campaign look like? (41) by Jon Alexander
5th  Local elections to go ahead in May in England (25) by Mary Reid
  Kirsty Williams on long term planning for schools during pandemic (11) by NewsHound
  Observations of an expat: A sad Burmese tale (7) by Tom Arms
7th  Tom Arms’ World Review (6) by Tom Arms
  Wendy Chamberlain on making history, Burns and the lassies (1) by The Voice
  Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President – film review (9) by Paul Walter
  You have no authority here, Mata Hari (2) by Ruth Bright
8th  Welcome to my day – 8 February 2021 (4) by Mark Valladares
  Tales from a Small Parish – when things go wrong… (5) by Mark Valladares
  Boris’s Brexit Deal – Dragging Business Backwards (14) by Ellen Nicholson
9th  Sarah Olney MP writes: Elected MPs must be given a say on trade deals (10) by Sarah Olney
  Liberal Democrat Council Leaders across England call for Universal Credit boost (4) by NewsHound
10th  We need to talk about the Healthcare workforce – again (6) by Catherine Royce
  Dorothy Thornhill review update (110) by Dorothy Thornhill
  Climate and Ecology Bill Event (8) by Sarah Olney
  The Tragic loss of 100,000 lives to Covid (7) by Tahir Maher
  Todays Announcements – 10th February, 2021 (1) by Tahir Maher
11th  Twenty steps to pedestrian paradise – part 1 (15) by Iain Roberts
  Negative impact of Covid-19 on people with a learning (or intellectual) disability (7) by John Kelly
  Book review: Vince Cable “Money and Power” (2) by Max von Thun
  Welsh Lib Dems launch Volunteer Awards (0) by Claire Halliwell
12th  Twenty steps to pedestrian paradise – part 2 (12) by Iain Roberts
  Woodhouse Mine, Whitehaven, West Cumbria (39) by John Studholme
  Call for an email campaign to influence the March budget (13) by Michael Berwick-Gooding
  Observations of an expat: America on trial (44) by Tom Arms
13th  The Liberal case for a Universal Basic Income (66) by Sam Wade
  Scotland beat Wales in thrilling Maraphone clash (1) by Caron Lindsay
14th  Data strategy and digital identity (6) by Lord William Wallace
  Tom Arms’ World Review 14 February 2021 (9) by Tom Arms
  Two ways the Liberal Democrats stood up for people who have to quarantine in hotels (21) by Caron Lindsay
15th  The Home Office and EU Settled Status Scheme (1) by Michal Siewniak
  The Party President’s report for February… how is it working for you? (21) by Mark Valladares
16th  Rabina Khan on BBC Newsnight on tackling vaccine disinformation in Tower Hamlets (2) by The Voice
  18 years after the Iraq war protests, the party remembers and honours Charles Kennedy (2) by The Voice
  The party’s latest advice for campaigners in the pandemic (15) by The Voice
  Ed Davey: Scrap the new Cumbrian coal mine (40) by The Voice
  Britain in a Post-Trump, Post-Brexit world (3) by Iain Brodie Browne
17th  Declare a mental health crisis say Scottish Lib Dem MSPs (13) by Caron Lindsay
  Post Brexit trade – a refreshing British-Austrian perspective from an experienced UK industrialist (15) by Paul Walter
  Waiting for the all clear (55) by Adrian Sanders
  Todays Announcements – 17th February, 2021 (1) by Tahir Maher
18th  Welsh Liberal Democrat Spring Conference (4) by The Voice
  Layla Moran calls for compensation for key workers who have long Covid (2) by Mary Reid
19th  Proposed Electoral Integrity Bill will discriminate against those most marginalised in society (27) by Andy Boddington
  Defending parish councils and standing up for local government (4) by John Marriott
  Observations of an Ex Pat: Consequences of a Princess (2) by Tom Arms
20th  Newshound: Local elections threatened by staff and polling station shortages (13) by NewsHound
21st  The word “truth” is being hijacked by fake news conspiracy theorists who claim their dark ideas are light (15) by Andy Boddington
  Tom Arms on Republican Party divisions (1) by Tom Arms
  Fairer Share and local government finance (40) by Tony Vickers
  Lazy Sunday: The newsview from Newsmoggie’s cat basket (3) by Newsmoggie
22nd  Book review: “Jews Don’t Count” by David Baddiel (7) by Ruth Bright
  Trying to be the voice of carers is no good without a strategy (88) by Nick Perry
23rd  Charles Kennedy documentary on BBC Alba tonight (1) by The Voice
  Despite Covid, the Guardian predicts “no escape” from the Lib Dem disco (6) by News Meerkat
  Review: Charles Kennedy: A good man speaking (19) by Caron Lindsay
24th  Global Vaccine Equity (61) by Rabina Khan
  A universal bank account (26) by Peter Davies
  New Event: How to win with Basic Income (15) by Jack Haines
25th  Assessing GCSEs and A Levels (6) by Mary Reid
  Derek Barrie dies at 77 (8) by Caron Lindsay
  Ed Davey calls for Team GB to boycott the Chinese Winter Olympics over the genocide of the Uighurs (13) by The Voice
26th  Malcolm Bruce writes…Whither Scottish Nationalism (38) by Malcolm Bruce
  Newshound: Lib Dem peer Baroness Barker challenges the Lords on transgender issues (3) by NewsHound
  Observations of an Ex Pat: Biden and the Middle East (3) by Tom Arms
27th  Government permits delivery and canvassing in England from 8th March (18) by The Voice
28th  Tom Arms’ World Review – 28 February 2021 (11) by Tom Arms
  Sal Brinton: Make sure Ministerial maternity leave bill includes everyone (1) by Caron Lindsay
  Book review: How to Avoid a Climate Disaster by Bill Gates (8) by Andy Boddington

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