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1st  Ed Davey calls for Royal Commission to look at ways of ending men’s violence against women and girls (0) by The Voice
  Sarah Everard: How do we know if police are legit? (41) by Miranda Roberts
  The government is levelling down democracy: we must redouble our electoral reform efforts (8) by Richard Wood
2nd  Wendy Chamberlain on how the Police can regain public trust (7) by The Voice
  Observations of an Expat: European Complacency (9) by Tom Arms
  ALDC by-election report: 30 September 2021 (15) by Charles Quinn
3rd  World Review: Brexit, China, Korean famine and the French at large (18) by Tom Arms
  How to help others with heating costs this Winter (10) by Caron Lindsay
4th  Welcome to my day: 4 October 2021 – some days are diamonds, some days are rocks… (5) by Mark Valladares
  The impact of staff shortages on the UK economy (22) by Michal Siewniak
  Brain pollution? Are you kidding me? (2) by David Boyle
  Your bacon sarnie is at risk… (47) by Lin Macmillan
5th  LibLink: Wendy Chamberlain on need to tackle “serious and systemic” police failings (2) by NewsHound
  Six hours without Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp – is social media now vital infrastructure? (15) by Andy Boddington
  Sarah Olney calls for Morrisons’ workers to be protected ahead of the major takeover (17) by NewsHound
  Wera Hobhouse blasts UK’s over-reliance on gas and inaction on renewables (48) by NewsHound
6th  Sexism in the Police force goes way beyond the Met (0) by Caron Lindsay
  William Wallace writes…Promises of tax cuts deny reality (11) by Lord William Wallace
  How do you solve a problem like Dominic Raab? (11) by The Voice
  In defence of Liberal principles (5) by John Lawrie
  Ed Davey: Boris speech was most out of touch display by a PM in decades (33) by Caron Lindsay
7th  A new narrative for community democracy? (7) by Mary Reid
  MOVE – Shuffling Humanity (1) by David Brunnen
8th  Scottish Lib Dems call for measures to end the drug deaths emergency (1) by Caron Lindsay
9th  Observations of an Expat: Too Big to Fail (20) by Tom Arms
  ALDC by-election report: 7 September 2021 (4) by Charles Quinn
  WATCH: Alex Cole-Hamilton’s first leader’s speech to Scottish Conference (1) by The Voice
10th  Ed Davey: Lib Dems focus on the realities of people’s lives (5) by The Voice
  World Review: Tensions east, in NATO, in Facebook and in Boris’s Britain (12) by Tom Arms
  Scottish Lib Dems call for better Police vetting and Commission to prevent violence against women and girls (0) by Caron Lindsay
  Ed Davey calls for extension of Warm Homes Discount scheme to help poorest with soaring energy costs (3) by The Voice
  Lib Dems mark World Mental Health Day (4) by Caron Lindsay
  New Fawcett Society report on tackling sexual harassment in the workplace (0) by Caron Lindsay
  WATCH: Jane Dodds’ speech to Scottish and Welsh Conference (1) by The Voice
11th  Welcome to my day: 11 October 2021 – testing, testing… (2) by Mark Valladares
  An encounter with a refugee from Afghanistan (1) by Michal Siewniak
  Rishi Sunak recycling aid money deals “damaging blow” to UK reputation ahead of COP summit (0) by NewsHound
  Liberals share the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize (2) by NewsHound
12th  How to beat Johnson’s government on economics (50) by Steve Trevethan
  UPDATED: Commons committees’ report says government’s Covid response was “one of the most important public health failures the United Kingdom has ever experienced” (9) by Paul Walter
  Ed Fordham: Why I can’t attend a civic event in a venue that rejects me, my marriage and my community (13) by Caron Lindsay
  Announcement about 2022 Conferences (6) by Nick Da Costa
13th  I’ve had enough of nonference (31) by Darryl Smalley
  LibLink: Alistair Carmichael – Liberalism is the most effective counter to competing nationalisms (14) by NewsHound
  Put your questions to the Federal Board – next Monday evening (2) by Caron Lindsay
14th  Covid and authoritarianism: were we wrong-footed over Covid passports? (54) by Mark Argent
  Mark Pack’s October update (10) by Mark Pack
  Public understanding of science (12) by Moyra Forrest
  Naomi Long speaks at joint Scottish/Welsh Lib Dems Conference (0) by The Voice
15th  The Party’s Crisis – a response to comments (82) by Michael Meadowcroft
  Lib Dems react after David Amess MP dies in stabbing (updated) (7) by The Voice
16th  Observations of an Expat: Crunch Time for Justices (4) by Tom Arms
  Sir David Amess – a tribute (1) by Andrew Mackinlay
  David Amess: Do we need to cool the temperature of political debate? (19) by Andy Boddington
17th  World Review: War in Africa, Northern Ireland, Poland, Lebanon and Russian gas (12) by Tom Arms
  Lib Dems and Labour won’t contest Southend West by-election (48) by The Voice
  ALDC by-election report: 14 September 2021 (6) by Charles Quinn
18th  Bienvenue dans ma journée: 18 October 2021 – the Cantons de l’Est edition (4) by Mark Valladares
  Liberalism or Die (19) by Peter Wrigley
  Why not ignore the Government’s call to return to the office? (13) by Mark Valladares
  Munira Wilson on stabbings (1) by Munira Wilson
  The disconnect that many Lib Dems cannot see – or refuse to see (55) by Chris Bowers
19th  WATCH: Sir Ed Davey pays a moving tribute to Sir David Amess (1) by The Voice
  Lib Dems call for half term jab blitz due to 8000 classrooms sitting empty (18) by NewsHound
  LibLink: Christine Jardine on MPs’ safety (1) by The Voice
20th  Munira Wilson: Ministers are burying their heads in the sand over rising Covid cases (22) by The Voice
  The Elephant in the Room (72) by Lorenzo Cherin
  Lib Dems stand up against use of facial recognition tech in school dinner halls (24) by Caron Lindsay
21st  The right to online anonymity must be protected (13) by David Gray
  Lib Dems oppose new oil drilling site (24) by The Voice
22nd  Munira Wilson calls for emergency SAGE Meeting (1) by NewsHound
  Everybody included – why democracy and diversity are two sides of the same coin (4) by Hina Bokhari
  Lib Dems attack ministers on Covid as Ed Davey urges beefed up Plan B (25) by NewsHound
  Democracy – now on the Risk Register (0) by David Brunnen
  Dodds slams New Zealand trade deal (32) by NewsHound
  Federal Policy Committee seeks members for a new working group (0) by Jeremy Hargreaves
23rd  Observations of an Expat: Saving the world & political incompetence (12) by Tom Arms
  Ed Davey takes on “sexist dinosaur” Philip Davies with humour (0) by Caron Lindsay
  Scottish Lib Dem social justice spokesperson Bruce Wilson highlights childcare problems (1) by Caron Lindsay
24th  World Review: Troubles in Poland, Nigeria, Brazil & the US, and Colin Powell (0) by Tom Arms
  ALDC by-election report: 21 October 2021 (1) by Charles Quinn

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  • Cassie
    Martin, I can only suggest you look at the figures for the UK re Covid cases and deaths. The UK is getting close to your emergency situation again, in spite of ...
  • matt
    @Martin You asked me to google c4 fact checker on masks, so I did. I presented you with the information that it contains and the links it provides. How is i...
  • Russell Simpson
    As a kiwi from Southland (who's been living in the UK for 35 years) I well remember the UK joining the EEC. It had a huge impact on rural NZ. One impact was a h...
  • Martin Frost
    So what you are saying Cassie is that if the intentions are well-meaning (even if misguided) then it is OK? Didn't Mao think it a similar way? Iam sorry but I ...
  • Cassie
    Martin, you are missing my point. I am not arguing for or against the specific public health measure you are so fiercely opposed to. I am saying that bringing i...
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