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1st  What’s our approach to ‘Levelling Up’? (35) by Lord William Wallace
  Kirsty Williams talks about why she left front line politics (9) by Mary Reid
2nd  Breaking… Labour narrowly hold Batley and Spen (29) by Andy Boddington
  Batley & Spen – Labour win is shock but Lib Dems kept Tories out (67) by Hannah Kitching
  Sarah Green on her victory in Chesham and Amersham (1) by NewsHound
3rd  Observations of an Expat: Happy Birthday CCP (13) by Tom Arms
  A New Fair Deal for Oxfordshire (9) by Liz Leffman
  Federal Policy Committee meetings report late June 2021 (0) by Jeremy Hargreaves
  Christine Jardine condemns winddown of furlough (36) by NewsHound
4th  World Review: Biden bombing, lawyers circle Trump, trade deals, vaccination and Suma (8) by Tom Arms
  Baroness Bonham-Carter condemns plans to privatise Channel 4 (12) by NewsHound
5th  Liberal Democrats: Keep masks mandatory on public transport a little while longer (77) by The Voice
6th  Sarah Teather on equal marriage – “I tied myself up in ridiculous intellectual knots” (20) by NewsHound
  Volunteers needed to set the party’s strategic direction on Equality, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (1) by The Voice
7th  Why I’m thanking residents for getting behind Gareth Southgate’s Three Lions (85) by Max Wilkinson
  Building platform for civic activism with youngest residents (0) by Michal Siewniak
8th  Questionable reasons that Federal Conference Committee give for rejecting motions (32) by Michael Berwick-Gooding
  Ecocidal thoughts (8) by David Brunnen
  Academic freedom and its enemies (50) by Lord William Wallace
9th  Review – Vaxxers: The Inside Story of the Oxford Vaccine (5) by Andy Boddington
  The Triple Lock: An 8% rise is justifiable (35) by Chris Perry
10th  Observations of an Expat: Free and Fair Elections in America (10) by Tom Arms
  By-election report from ALDC – Thursday 8 July 2021 (10) by Ollie Bradfield
  York leads the way and becomes the first Good Business Charter city (1) by Keith Aspden
11th  Is Boris Johnson gambling on tonight’s Euro final to boost herd immunity? (9) by Andy Boddington
  World Review: A president assassinated, a president suing, a president withdrawing and Covid soaring (2) by Tom Arms
  Remembering Srebrenica (7) by Michal Siewniak
  Wera Hobhouse speaks out on fuel poverty (7) by NewsHound
12th  “Invest in people and their communities” (51) by Katharine Pindar
  Lib Dems say “Give firms right to require face masks worn by customers” (73) by The Voice
  Willie Rennie stands aside as Scottish Lib Dem leader (3) by Caron Lindsay
13th  Pilates, comedy and an orchestra – Lib Dem virtual conference registration open (2) by The Voice
  Dick Newby writes: Are progressive alliances needed to win? (22) by Dick Newby
  Wendy Chamberlain hits out on cynical tests for overseas aid cuts (10) by NewsHound
  Howard Sykes condemns “appalling” arson attack on Oldham Council leader’s car (0) by NewsHound
14th  Carmichael: Why is the fishing industry having to fight its own government for survival? (16) by The Voice
  Tuesday by-election GAIN for Lib Dems (3) by The Voice
  LibLink: Christine Jardine: A sinister sign our human rights are in peril? (4) by NewsHound
  Munira Wilson: Coercion is not the answer to vaccine hesitancy (45) by The Voice
  Federal Conference Committee Report – setting the preliminary agenda for Autumn Conference (23) by Nick Da Costa
15th  Up and down (14) by Mary Reid
  Report from Federal Policy Committee, 14th July (8) by Jeremy Hargreaves
  Levelling Up – Revolution not Evolution (28) by John Armah
16th  Wera Hobhouse calls for Olympian steps to halt Xinjiang atrocities (8) by NewsHound
  Ending profit making from the care of vulnerable children in Wales (8) by Jane Dodds
  Lib Dems win Telford & Wrekin Lawley by-election by one vote (9) by Greg Spruce
17th  Observations of an Expat: America’s Original Sin (22) by Tom Arms
  By-election report from ALDC: 15th July….and 13th? (1) by Ollie Bradfield
  Ed Davey: “The Blue Wall is game on” (0) by NewsHound
18th  World Review: Cuba, climate change, the Taliban and foreign aid (14) by Tom Arms
  ALDC Conference – a must for anyone who wants to be a Lib Dem Councillor (0) by Caron Lindsay
  Sunak and Johnson in “Barnard Castle on steroids” escape from self-isolation (34) by Andy Boddington
  Willie Rennie: “A cheerful voice for a more decent politics” (24) by Caron Lindsay
  Suzanne Fletcher on her lifelong mission to speak up for the most vulnerable people (10) by Caron Lindsay
19th  Welcome to my day – 19 July: Freedom (to ignore the consequences) Day? (70) by Mark Valladares
  Pandemic restrictions are over… sort of… Where do we go from here? (20) by Mark Valladares
  Another “Alston Report” – why some of you may not be using buses any more… (15) by Mark Valladares
20th  Visiting your local mosque (2) by Hina Bokhari
  Forty words (21) by David Grace
  Tackling our dangerous train stations (10) by Caroline Pidgeon
  Welcoming Hong Kong residents (2) by Roger Crouch
21st  LibLink: Christine Jardine: Football racism shows why those who oppose taking the knee are wrong (19) by NewsHound
  Human rights campaigning wins in Ireland in the end (0) by Suzanne Fletcher
22nd  That 3% rise for NHS staff in England (38) by NewsHound
23rd  Wera Hobhouse on 100 days to COP26 (16) by NewsHound
  On Hina and ice-cream (0) by Fredo Rockwell
  Real recovery starts with local government (30) by John Marriott
  Voter ID “straight out of the Trump playbook” – Broxtowe Lib Dems win vote (14) by NewsHound
24th  Observations of an Expat: The Filipino Monster and Justice (1) by Tom Arms
  By-election report from ADLC: 22nd July 2021 (11) by Ollie Bradfield
  Layla slams Government for “opening floodgates to new variants” and failing to protect troops (12) by NewsHound
  Get your nominations in for the Party Awards (0) by The Voice
25th  World Review: Israeli spyware, Cummins, Tokyo Olympics and Haiti (2) by Tom Arms
  Wera Hobhouse: Democracy is failing us – Day of Action Saturday 31 July (18) by Wera Hobhouse MP
26th  The necessity of satire (12) by Geoff Reid
  Conference to confirm our internationalism (36) by Phil Bennion
27th  Cable causes controversy over Uyghurs comments (37) by Caron Lindsay
  BREAKING….Alex Cole-Hamilton makes his move (7) by Caron Lindsay
28th  Lib Dem researcher discovers proof that the Queen lobbied ministers to change climate change law (10) by Caron Lindsay
  Alex Cole-Hamilton’s day in the media – New hope, right now (7) by Caron Lindsay
29th  Mental health pressures on Olympic competitors (2) by Mary Reid
  Politics and gardening (8) by Lord William Wallace
  Climate Crisis – the challenge is to confront reality (28) by David Brunnen
  Liberal Equality – David Howarth delivers Social Liberal Forum’s annual Beveridge Lecture (18) by Caron Lindsay
30th  Carmichael accuses ministers of bringing in vaccination passports by stealth (19) by NewsHound
  Wendy Chamberlain MP: Tips for winning your selection campaign (2) by Wendy Chamberlain
  Cheltenham Liberal Democrats – ambitions for jobs, homes and environment (4) by Rowena Hay
31st  Observations of an Expat: China Goes Big Bang (5) by Tom Arms
  ALDC by-election report: 29th July 2021 (7) by Ollie Bradfield
  The National really doesn’t like Alex Cole-Hamilton… (7) by Caron Lindsay

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  • Russell Simpson
    @ Stephen I'd say it does change things. Certainly timing. PR is virtually impossible to bring in without Labour support. With Scotland gone to Labour we just ...
  • Russell Simpson
    @ Saskia This idea that PR gives too much power to small parties is falatious. The clue is in the word "proportional". If a 3rd party acts as "king maker" (loo...
  • Stephen Howse
    It doesn't matter and that result changes nothing in practical terms. Either Labour get a majority, proving they can win under FPTP, and don't implement PR in p...
  • Russell Simpson
    @Jeff Because under PR they'd have a realistic chance of forming a govt, albeit as senior partner in a coalition. With Scotland lost to Labour their chance of ...
  • Russell Simpson
    According to recent yougov polls, if you remove "don't knows", there's almost a 60/40 split in favour of PR. Amongst Labour voters it's even more and amongst La...