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Monthly Archives: June 2021

2nd  New issue of Liberator out! (23) by The Liberator Collective
  This issue needs examining, closely (5) by Simon Foster
3rd  Towards a one-party culture in the media (23) by Nigel Jones
  Members call for Defence and Disarmament Working Group (16) by Kevin White
  Lord Nigel Jones asks question about Eurovision (6) by Mary Reid
  Meet Tom Gordon, the new Lib Dem candidate for Batley and Spen (2) by The Voice
4th  Backbench victory could reverse overseas aid budget cut (32) by Andy Boddington
5th  Could you be the PPC to win England’s Number 1 target seat? (13) by Simon McGrath
  World Review: Netanyahu, G7, corporation tax and going green (4) by Tom Arms
  Webinar: will the tragedy of Afghanistan become Europe’s tragedy? (2) by George Cunningham
  Long-serving Lib Dem Legend Flick Rea steps down as Camden Councillor (5) by The Voice
6th  Observations of an Expat: The Real Iranian Elections (3) by Tom Arms
7th  The most important elections you have never heard of (4) by Simon McGrath
  United with Belarus (2) by Michal Siewniak
  ALDE Party eCongress opens today with policy discussions (1) by Mark Valladares
  Why levelling up is not just a challenge for the Conservatives (50) by Lord William Wallace
8th  Boundary Commission proposals – what do you think? (21) by The Voice
9th  Lembit Opik “expelled” from Lib Dems for advising Tories how to beat us (26) by Caron Lindsay
  End of an era as Matthew Clark leaves Holyrood (0) by Caron Lindsay
  Jane Dodds questions First Minister on preventing violence against women (2) by Caron Lindsay
10th  Tories worried about Chesham and Amersham (3) by Mary Reid
  Simon Hughes wins damages from the Sun (2) by The Voice
11th  Isabelle Parasram: Time… well spent (1) by Isabelle Parasram
  Moran attacks Hancock on his denial that there was a PPE shortage early in pandemic (16) by NewsHound
  The Economist talks up Lib Dem revival in Chesham and Amersham (15) by The Voice
12th  Chesham and Amersham is THE place for Lib Dems to be this weekend (1) by Caron Lindsay
  ALDE Party eCouncil – a comfortable seat, a nice cup of tea and a cast of hundreds… (1) by Mark Valladares
  End of 15-year rule – a big opportunity for all Lib Dems (31) by Colin Bloodworth
  And the new chair of Federal Conference Committee is….. (1) by The Voice
  Observations of an ex pat: The Biden/Putin Circus (14) by Tom Arms
13th  Tom Arms’ World Review: China and the US, democracy and Brexit fallout (16) by Tom Arms
  LibLink: Christine Jardine – Biden has changed the narrative (6) by NewsHound
14th  Change of Guard in Tel Aviv – what hopes for peace? (29) by John Kelly
  Journal of Liberal History – a preview of the latest issue (0) by Duncan Brack
  ALDE Party Congress online or, how to juggle four screens and a print-out (2) by Phil Bennion
15th  Priti Patel failing on legal routes for refugees (0) by The Voice
  How much do we still want a rules-based international order? (6) by David McDowall
  Going down to the wire at Chesham & Amersham (7) by Paul Walter
16th  Working together to end homelessness and rough sleeping in York (2) by Keith Aspden
  Blood donation gets more equal and inclusive (1) by Caron Lindsay
  Times: Lib Dems hopeful of by-election upset in Chesham & Amersham (29) by Andy Boddington
17th  LibLink: Mark Pack’s June report (7) by The Voice
  Myanmar’s simmering civil war – and the UK’s moral duty (2) by Paul Reynolds
  Lord Rogers Roberts: The Napier Barracks scandal (5) by Lord Roger Roberts
  Chesham & Amersham: a campaign we’ll be talking about for years (6) by Caron Lindsay
18th  And first the Council by-elections (2) by Caron Lindsay
  +++++Chesham & Amersham: Lib Dems win the by-election!! (4) by Paul Walter
  Chesham & Amersham: Congrats Sarah Green MP!!!!! (1) by Paul Walter
  Chesham & Amersham: Majority is 8,028!!!!!!!!!!! – ITV news (0) by Paul Walter
  Chesham & Amersham: a Lib Dem WIN we’ll be talking about for years (2) by Caron Lindsay
  Chesham & Amersham: That stunning, historic result in full (0) by Paul Walter
  Chesham & Amersham: Thank you! (0) by Paul Walter
  Chesham & Amersham: Video from the count (0) by Paul Walter
  Chesham & Amersham: This isn’t a dream is it? (0) by Paul Walter
  Chesham & Amersham: Sarah Green’s victory speech (3) by Paul Walter
  Chesham & Amersham election results since the seat was created (2) by Paul Walter
  Chesham & Amersham: Ed Davey hails huge victory (1) by Paul Walter
  Chesham & Amersham: the fine print result (0) by Paul Walter
  Chesham and Amersham: the swing was 25.1% (11) by Paul Walter
  Chesham & Amersham: what the Spectator said on Monday (22) by Paul Walter
  Chesham & Amersham: Tories blame loss on a kitchen sink, a dog and a cat (31) by Andy Boddington
  Chesham & Amersham: Davey – it’s not a flash in the plan, we are demolishing the Blue Wall (48) by Andy Boddington
19th  Observations of an Expat: Feed me, says Kim (0) by Tom Arms
  Should Liberals still believe in ‘free trade’? (19) by Lord William Wallace
  Chesham and Amersham defeat leads to unplanned Tory revolt on planning “reforms” (2) by Andy Boddington
20th  Careful With That Progressive Alliance (19) by Adrian Sanders
  World Review: Israel, cyber-attacks, Ethiopian elections and Trump trumping his book (0) by Tom Arms
  Federal Policy Committee: Regional powers, Universal Basic Income, natural environment and voters (5) by Jeremy Hargreaves
  It’s a long game, revisited (9) by Mary Reid
  Ed Davey talks Chesham and Amersham and progressive alliances on Sunday media (5) by NewsHound

Recent Comments

  • Michael BG
    Jeremy, Please can you give the dates of the next three FPC meetings after 9th June? When you write, “This discussion then very helpfully informed an ea...
  • Marco
    I didn’t think that 2019 was as disastrous as many people thought. The result is a solid base to build on. Although the revoke policy was mistaken I am concer...
  • Marco
    I do despair of Lib Dems who claim Labour “aren’t progressive”. It was Labour governments who legalised divorce, abortion and same sex relations, abolis...
  • Andrew McCaig
    John, it is not having unitary councils that I object to (I am quite used to the unitary Kirklees Council), but to restricting local elections to once every fou...
  • Marco
    Congratulations to Sarah Green and everyone who campaigned and achieved a fantastic result. This result shows that the party is broadly on the right track. Y...