Monthly Archives: November 2020

1st  Why I voted for Joe Biden (11) by Em Dean
  Lothians candidate Jill Reilly talks about her experience of volunteering to help homeless people during lockdown (1) by Caron Lindsay
  Proposing the 380th Mayor of Chesterfield (1) by Paul Holmes
2nd  Election USA: Brace yourself for delay, frustration and confusion (8) by Paul Walter
  Trump and Johnson: our unfortunate special relationship (3) by Peter Wrigley
  Don’t cherry pick your data: Facts on COVID-19 (104) by Kylie Belchamber
  Liberals must be clear: the system is broken and we want to fix it (26) by Max Wilkinson
  2 November 2020 – today’s press releases (1) by Mark Valladares
3rd  My wishlist for our new Chief Technology Officer (5) by Chris Northwood
  A few pointers for tonight’s American fun (7) by Paul Walter
  OPEN THREAD: Discussion of US election results as they come in (30) by Paul Walter
4th  Trump’s claim of electoral fraud – “historic and historically awful” (24) by Paul Walter
  Biden on course to win (12) by Paul Walter
  4 November 2020 – today’s press releases (3) by Mark Valladares
  A stunning speech from Joe Biden (9) by Paul Walter
5th  LibLink: Jamie Stone on the digital revolution (1) by The Voice
  Mike Dixon on lessons from the US election (10) by Mary Reid
  Isolation diary update: Isolating again (4) by Mary Reid
  Alistair Carmichael’s Commons First “President-Elect Biden” (0) by The Voice
  LibLink: Vince Cable on Biden and Trump post election (11) by The Voice
6th  LibLink: William Wallace on the House of Lords (9) by Mary Reid
  Kickstart – and more (0) by ALDC
  Why does it take so long to count votes? (20) by Mary Reid
  Observations of an expat: THE Election (18) by Tom Arms
7th  Alex Cole-Hamilton hails law giving children equal protection from assault (4) by Caron Lindsay
  Thank heavens for that! Tears all round as Harris and Biden finally win (17) by Caron Lindsay
8th  Does unity require amnesty? (21) by Geoff Reid
  A strange Remembrance Sunday (1) by Caron Lindsay
  ICYMI – Biden and Harris offer comfort and joy in first speeches (2) by Caron Lindsay
9th  Monday morning humour – Saturday Night Live’s take on Biden and Harris’s win (1) by The Voice
  Festival of Politics discusses racism, impact of Covid on people with disabilities, digital threats to democracy, Brexit and much more (3) by Caron Lindsay
  Heartbreaking report on the effects of housing insecurity on children (14) by Caron Lindsay
10th  A century since the birth of Roy Jenkins (17) by Michael Mullaney
  We must stand ready to act if Trump tantrums risk tipping Afghanistan into chaos (26) by Johnny McDermott
11th  November Report from the President (7) by Mark Pack
  Welsh Government News: Education Minister announces Christmas travel plan (0) by Kirsty Williams AM
  Labour Progressive? (59) by Michael Meadowcroft
12th  The Activate Fund supports two Lib Dem candidates (4) by Mary Reid
  Vaccine breakthrough takes our eye off the ball (28) by Chris Bowers
13th  Our party can seize on the spirit of the times (61) by Katharine Pindar
  Observations of an expat: 2024 (6) by Tom Arms
14th  Economic planning, obesity, and lessons from Japan (7) by William Francis
  Lib Dems mark Diwali (0) by The Voice
  LISTEN: Ed Davey on Any Questions (6) by Caron Lindsay
  Meet Lib Dem candidates for the Scottish Parliament in 2021 (16) by The Voice
15th  William Wallace writes…Plutocratic populism (23) by Lord William Wallace
  Help me pile pressure on Royal Mail to offer free post for care homes (12) by John Leech
16th  Why you should think of trying to become a Liberal Democrat Councillor (9) by Simon McGrath
17th  Vince Cable joins body aiming for sustainable manufacturing recovery (15) by NewsHound
  The future of Social Democracy – a book to mark 40 years since the Limehouse Declaration (20) by Michael Mullaney
  Ed Davey added to range of pictorial membership cards (33) by Greg Foster
18th  Scots need hope for a progressive United Kingdom (34) by Ewan Hoyle
19th  Can we break open the chumocracy? (22) by David Chadwick
  Optimism, hope and trying not to be Scrooge (8) by Geoff Reid
20th  Federal Policy Committee report November 2020 (11) by Sally Burnell
  Great idea – but show us how we’ll get there! (31) by Chris Bowers
  Newest issue of Liberator free online (0) by The Liberator Collective
  Observations of an expat: Ethiopia (4) by Tom Arms
  Reflections on the Transgender Day of Remembrance (1) by Caron Lindsay
21st  No woman is an island (7) by Meera Chadha
  How bullying casts a long shadow…a post updated with reflections on Priti Patel and Dominic Cummings (10) by Caron Lindsay
  Covid-19 is not the only malaise (13) by Kit Fraser
22nd  Forty years in the making (29) by Rob Parsons
  Wendy Chamberlain on winning back N E Fife and her first 10 months as an MP (14) by Caron Lindsay
23rd  23 November 2020 – welcome to my day… (16) by Mark Valladares
  Welsh Liberal Democrats come together virtually (1) by Paul Harding
  John Roberts – a tribute (3) by Martin Thomas
  The new war in Ethiopia. The first step towards peace is understanding the conflict. (1) by Paul Reynolds
  16 days of Activism against Gender-based Violence (0) by Mark Valladares
  23 November 2020 – a brief reflection at the end of the day… (4) by Mark Valladares
24th  Now is not the time for a return to austerity (39) by Fraser Coppin
  Is it safe to come out now? (6) by Paul Walter
  “How many children will die?” is the question we should be asking on international aid. (15) by James Cox
  LibLink: Norman Lamb – Government’s neglect of social care and mental health has been exacerbated by Covid (2) by NewsHound
  The Late Late Toy Show – an Irish institution (0) by Audrey Eager
25th  Domestic violence in Wales (4) by Jane Dodds
  Todays Press Release – 25th November 2020 (1) by Tahir Maher
  Scotland passes landmark bill aimed at ending period poverty (0) by Caron Lindsay
  Unforgivable choices – Lib Dems respond to the Spending Review (9) by Caron Lindsay
26th  Could Scottish Independence save the Scot Lib Dems? (20) by Stuart Crawford
  Ed Davey and National Carers Rights Day (3) by Mary Reid
  It’s a mistake to try to be ‘the party of carers’ (47) by George Potter
  Keeping hope alive (28) by Adrian Sanders
27th  The unpalatable cause of poverty (15) by Humphrey Hawksley
  Breaking….Liz Barrett wins for the Liberal Democrats in Perth (25) by Caron Lindsay
  Identity and ethnicity, how we come to use and need the different ways which we describe ourselves (10) by Marisha Ray
  Observations of an expat: Development Aid (7) by Tom Arms
28th  Young Liberals demand cancellation of deportation flight – how you can help (1) by Caron Lindsay
  The ultimate campaigning smorgasbord: 1000 people at ALDC’s Kickstart (3) by Caron Lindsay
29th  How you can help Liberal Democrat Voice (4) by The Voice
  Cllr Liz Barrett: How I won Perth City South (3) by Caron Lindsay
30th  30 November 2020 – welcome to my day… (3) by Mark Valladares
  New Liberal Democrat Peers should be elected by Liberal Democrat members (47) by Leon Duveen
  Stepping up to the plate on Iran (4) by Jonathan Fryer
  How we championed a growing anti-discrimination campaign and made our council a more inclusive employer (2) by Holly Burton
  Has time been called on Local Government investments in commercial property? (18) by Mark Valladares

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  • David Raw
    Always interesting to get expert opinion about my native bit of West Yorkshire from our friends in South London (Simon McGrath in Merton) and Alex Macfie (I bel...
  • Joe Bourke
    Peter Martin, It has already been explained numerous times what quantitative easing is. The BofE is not lending to the Treasury or to corporates when it buys...
  • Alex Macfie
    David Raw: George Galloway has been mentioned because he is on 6% on the only opinion poll for the by-election. This is double the Lib Dem share. LIke it or not...
  • John Marriott
    You know when you’ve been tangoed!...
  • Rebecca Taylor
    In response to someone here (can't find now, sorry) asking how do we know our vote leans Tory in B&S? We know it in the wards where we have Cllrs (Cleckheat...