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1st  Lib Dem warns democracy is at risk (4) by Tahir Maher
  How to enter the LibDemVoice Fantasy Football League 2018/19 (15) by Stephen Tall
  Miscellaneous Announcements (3) by Tahir Maher
  Reflections of Berlin (24) by Tahir Maher
  Charities – Sexual Abuse (2) by Tahir Maher
  Local Government is facing what could be an existential crisis. How can it be saved? (37) by John Marriott
2nd  Brexit options and the People’s Vote (19) by Denis Mollison
  Tim Farron reminds us how the Lib Dems have led the fight against Brexit from the start (21) by Caron Lindsay
  No, Ian Blackford, you really weren’t the victim: your campaign against Charles Kennedy was a disgrace (7) by Caron Lindsay
  Changes to Lib Dem leadership rules – what the constitution says… (19) by Caron Lindsay
  Timid, half-hearted and apologetic immigration policy is not the way to tackle prejudice (29) by Caron Lindsay
3rd  Observations of an ex pat: To collude or not to collude (6) by Tom Arms
  Two young Dutch politicians: one substantial, alert to the times, the other unadulterated narcissism (1) by Bernard Aris
  Why Heathrow deserves a more thorough debate (6) by Caroline Pidgeon
  Reform the Reformers. Part four CONCLUSION Key themes in reforming ourselves (37) by Paul Reynolds
4th  Federal People Development Committee Report – 24 July 2018 (8) by Miranda Roberts
  Now this is how to write a motion on immigration issues (24) by Caron Lindsay
  What’s on your Summer reading list? (4) by Caron Lindsay
  Review: Cabaret of dangerous ideas – What does sex sell? (1) by Caron Lindsay
5th  Liberator 391 is out (0) by The Liberator Collective
  Women stand to lose a lot from Brexit (50) by Flo Clucas
  Lib Dem Town Council by-election GAIN and hold in Colne (1) by The Voice
  Top of the Blogs: The Lib Dem Golden Dozen #527 (2) by Caron Lindsay
6th  Welcome to my day: 6 August 2018 – the land of the free, the home of the brave? (7) by Mark Valladares
  Immigration and Asylum: some thoughts from the house bureaucrat… (10) by Mark Valladares
  From our Lords Correspondent: another step towards the restoration of the Palace of Westminster (0) by Mark Valladares
  Social care is in crisis – the Tories must face up to it (19) by Howard Sykes
  You can tell Boris has been hanging around with Steve Bannon… (10) by Caron Lindsay
7th  Devolution to the English Regions is not just a good thing – it’s absolutely essential. (59) by Richard Kemp
  Could you be a local party officer? (2) by Caron Lindsay
  Steve Bannon builds “Dad’s Army”-brigade for Farage-type Europhobes (6) by Bernard Aris
8th  Article removed (0) by The Voice
  The dangers of the ‘people’s vote’ (102) by Andrew Duff
  How to enter the LibDemVoice Fantasy Football League 2018/19 (2) by Stephen Tall
  Boris Johnson, bypassing the social taboos (18) by Iain Donaldson
9th  LibLink: Layla Moran: The lessons that need learning so teachers are less stressed (18) by NewsHound
  Scottish Conference to debate faith schools (24) by Caron Lindsay
  Christine Jardine challenges SNP to back People’s Vote (9) by Caron Lindsay
  We should demand free speech but use it with kindness (12) by Richard Flowers
10th  Disappointment in Cornwall (39) by Caron Lindsay
  Fun holiday snap quiz – can you recognise the location mentioned in a famous Liberal’s autobiography? (2) by Paul Walter
  Today’s fun quiz – an extra prize and some clues (10) by Paul Walter
  Introducing the General Election 2017 Election Review (30) by Nick Harvey
11th  LibLink Christine Jardine: Hard Brexit makes these people fear for their lives (32) by NewsHound
  Defence of Johnson amounts to a charter for the oppression of a vulnerable minority (14) by Paul Walter
  Time to get your amendments ready for Conference (1) by Caron Lindsay
12th  Study says that a majority of UK constituencies now back staying in the EU (59) by Caron Lindsay
  WATCH: Vince Cable at the #PeoplesVote Bristol rally – We can win this (9) by Caron Lindsay
  When Laura Bates taught Nick Clegg a few things… (2) by Caron Lindsay
  Top of the Blogs: The Lib Dem Golden Dozen #528 (0) by Caron Lindsay
13th  Welcome to my day: 13 August 2018 – switching to a walrus-inspired diet (0) by Mark Valladares
  An American solution to the second home problem? (18) by Mark Valladares
  Why aren’t we doing much better? (125) by Richard Fisher
  Fun holiday photo quiz: And the winner is….. (4) by Paul Walter
  ALDC Campaigner Awards 2018 (0) by ALDC
14th  How you can help Liberal Democrat Voice (3) by The Voice
  Vince: Bigots are not welcome in the Liberal Democrats (9) by The Voice
  LibLink: Judith Jolly We must put the best interests of patients first and end the crisis in social care (3) by NewsHound
  How you can help Sarah Brown win in Cambridge (5) by Caron Lindsay
15th  Boris’s Burka Bashing – Morally Malevolent (11) by Tahir Maher
  Greenhouse Effect – Global Carbon Trading (4) by Tahir Maher
  Immigration White Paper (69) by Lord William Wallace
  What IF… We Leave with no Deal (30) by Tahir Maher
16th  Travel for Sport Post-Brexit (24) by Kirsten Johnson
  Shameful! Half of prisoners are abandoned on release (7) by The Voice
  We’re back to GAINING on a Thursday night… (39) by Caron Lindsay
17th  Observations of an ex pat: Defeating ISIS (7) by Tom Arms
  What do you think of “Demand Better”? (85) by Caron Lindsay
  Vince Cable writes…We need to catch up with our European neighbours in fighting Cancer (7) by Vince Cable
  Weak immigration paper needs to go back to the drawing board (24) by Luke Graham
18th  Young Liberals To Host European Liberal Youth Congress In 2019 (5) by Ben Whitlock
19th  Scottish LibDems support cross-community “People’s Vote” rally in Edinburgh (19) by Paul Walter
  Young Liberals launch the biggest recruitment campaign of the year (1) by Charlie Murphy
20th  Welcome to my day: 20 August 2018 – a change of house style… (8) by Mark Valladares
  “I’m scared. Please tell me that I’m wrong…” (80) by George Kendall
  A chance to debate progressive and ambitious immigration proposals (45) by Russell Hargrave
21st  Migration of people persecuted for their love (6) by Iain Donaldson and Jack Gilbert
  I demand better than this: Themes for the next manifesto (186) by Joe Otten
22nd  What Other Countries Think About Brexit (or is it “The Great British Break Off?”) (5) by Tahir Maher
  Working through the LabCon trick (24) by Tony Lloyd
  Pick ‘n’ Politics (6) by Tahir Maher
  Engage the People (28) by James Belchamber
23rd  We need fair devolution (42) by Michael Taylor
  Jo Swinson on the lack of urgency to change Parliament’s voting system (4) by The Voice
  The dilemma of obesity (46) by Mary Reid
24th  Welcome to my day: 24 August 2018 – “he was high on intellectualism, I’ve never been there but the brochure looked nice…” (5) by Mark Valladares
  I’ve experienced the hostile environment – that’s why I’m determined to end it (24) by Thais Portilho
  Upset in East Herts, solid hold in Cornwall… (26) by Mark Valladares
  A BAME liberal’s perspective on the Jamie Oliver “jerk rice” debate (28) by Chris Annous
25th  Vince Cable calls for an “adjudicator” in any Brexit deal referendum, plus votes for 16 and 17 year olds (27) by News Meerkat
26th  Reports: Vince Cable to stand down as party leader before 2022 and wants to see through party rule changes (73) by Paul Walter
27th  Paddy gives short shrift to tyrant-slaying boast attributed to Brexit minister (5) by Paul Walter
28th  Britain faces a new global alliance (16) by Paul Reynolds
  Vince refers to “false rumours” and says “I’m not stepping down anytime soon” (12) by Paul Walter
29th  Universal Basic Income and the Welsh Perspective (28) by Jane Dodds
  Aung San Suu Kyi Nobel laureate (13) by Tahir Maher
  Parental Responsibility and Parental Support (2) by Gillian Douglass
  Conference Message – Exit Brexit (9) by Tahir Maher
  OPINION – Poverty in the UK (21) by Tahir Maher
30th  The party proposes to abolish business rates: “Taxing Land, Not Investment” (21) by The Voice
  Why the Liberals Democrats should be the natural political home for Arts and Culture in the UK (2) by Adam Bambrough
  Demand Better: Liberal Democrat Priorities for a Better Britain (26) by Duncan Brack
  Part 2: Why the Liberals Democrats should be the natural political home for Arts and Culture in the UK (4) by Adam Bambrough
  India’s demonetisation: a monumental cock-up (3) by Paul Walter
  Proposed new party disciplinary procedures (3) by Alice Thomas
31st  The immigration motion still needs improvement (19) by Lib Dem Immigrants
  Ed Davey: ‘We were wrong to go along with the Tories on immigration’ (17) by Newsmoggie

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  • Charley Hasted
    Brad- English and Welsh Law hold sex and gender to be interchangeable terms. Ergo Trans women are entitled to access services on the same terms as Cis women exc...
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    "If the Tories were serious about rebuilding our shattered economy fairly ..." Curiously, particularly given that Lib Dems had some input into a few budgets in...
  • Peter Watson
    @William Francis "The affluent already are iffy about the idea of giving up their income for improving the lot of the poor" This is a very interesting point, g...
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    @Alex B re: Freeports I expect the typical Brexiteer didn't know that the EU permitted freeports and that the UK had 12 prior to 2012. Nothing I've seen about ...
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    @Marco >Where on earth does this figure come from and what is the “full benefits” or herd immunity compared to plain old herd immunity? With C...
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