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1st  Welcome to my day: 1 October 2018 – a bit like being at the scene of a car crash that hasn’t happened yet… (49) by Mark Valladares
  Why a liberal response to taking back control matters (12) by James Gilmour
  2018 ALDC Campaigner Awards – the results! (0) by ALDC
2nd  LibLink: Christine Jardine WASPI women stung as the social contract breaks down (14) by NewsHound
  William Wallace writes…We need to challenge Conservatives on Tax cuts (25) by Lord William Wallace
  Lib Dems welcome mixed sex civil partnerships news (13) by Caron Lindsay
  Layla Moran going sober for October to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer (1) by Caron Lindsay
3rd  Workhouse to Westminster (3) by Stuart Weir
  Train Delays (38) by Tahir Maher
  The need for us to work better together (16) by Callum James Littlemore
  Celebrating yet another win in my campaign for greater transparency on parental leave and pay (2) by Jo Swinson MP
  WATCH: Hina Bokhari describes the reality of Islamophobic abuse (1) by The Voice
4th  Mobile phones: do parents need to turn them off as much as their children? (25) by Judy Abel
  A Basis for a National Health and Well-Being Policy? (1) by Steve Trevethan
  WATCH: “I feel as though the media portrays us like we’re not human beings” (5) by Caron Lindsay
5th  A very sweet Lib Dem GAIN in Chesterfield (13) by Caron Lindsay
  Observations of an ex pat: Cold War Memory Lane (26) by Tom Arms
  LibLink: Jo Swinson: Like me, Jacinda Ardern took her baby to work and was met with ignorance (1) by Newspuppy
  Olly Grender and Alison Suttie to sleep out for World Homelessness Day (2) by The Voice
  Vulnerable people are being oppressed on our doorstep – by the British and French Governments (5) by Euan Davidson
  How you can have your say on Vince’s proposals for party reform (8) by The Voice
6th  Fancy helping the Lib Dems win back the most marginal seat in the country? (0) by Caron Lindsay
  Ros Scott President and Dave Hodgson Chair on new ALDC management committee (0) by Caron Lindsay
7th  Why the National Autistic Society were right to reverse their decision on award winning charity Mermaids (2) by Aimee Challenor
  Why it’s important to join the Lib Dems on the People’s Vote march on October 20th (63) by Caron Lindsay
  Can Lib Dems meet the Labour challenge? (80) by Katharine Pindar
  Top of the Blogs: The Lib Dem Golden Dozen #531 (0) by Caron Lindsay
8th  Book review: “Fear” by Bob Woodward (17) by Paul Walter
9th  The roadmap to a People’s Vote (23) by The Voice
  LibLink: Christine Jardine: Trump turns hope of #MeToo movement into despair (2) by NewsHound
10th  World Mental Health Day (4) by Amna Ahmad
  What about the arguments against a People’s Vote? (54) by Mark Goodrich
  Children Self-harming figures are horrifying on eve of World Mental Health Day (11) by Howard Sykes
11th  Every day should be Mental Health Awareness Day (0) by Kirsten Johnson
  Ashers Bakery Verdict is Dodgy and Dangerous (54) by Chris Park
  Time has come for Government to back votes at 16 (24) by Caron Lindsay
  The Agriculture Bill is Not Good Enough (7) by Kirsten Johnson
12th  Observations of an ex pat: The Battle for the Pacific (5) by Tom Arms
  Corbyn is right about inequality (56) by Thomas Shakespeare
  One-Email-Address-One-Vote: A Foolish Idea (28) by Adam Bernard
  ALDC’s By-Election report – 11 October 2018 (6) by ALDC
13th  Caroline Pidgeon writes…Boris Johnson: Has the mask slipped? (19) by Caroline Pidgeon
  Do we need a Special Conference to debate Vince’s reforms? (66) by Caron Lindsay
14th  Lord William Wallace writes…Heading towards a real crisis? (43) by Lord William Wallace
  Jane Dodds: Liberals fight for the forgotten and the vulnerable (13) by Caron Lindsay
  Your last chance to have your say on Vince’s party reforms…for now, at least (5) by Caron Lindsay
  Five days left to support trans and non binary people in England and Wales (1) by Caron Lindsay
  Top of the Blogs: The Lib Dem Golden Dozen #532 (0) by Caron Lindsay
15th  Welcome to my day: 15 October 2018 – returning to, or from, the country… (0) by Mark Valladares
  Defiant in the face of the storm, Welsh Liberal Democrats meet in Aberystwyth (3) by Jane Dodds
  From our Lords Correspondent: 9-11 October – as the summer draws to a close, a young Peer’s thoughts turn to Brexit… (0) by Mark Valladares
  Can we afford NOT to have a shorter working week? (14) by Darren Martin
  The Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Bill reaches the Lords… (1) by Mark Valladares
  What do Liberal Democrat members think? Don’t miss your chance to make your views heard! (3) by Mark Valladares
  15 October 2018 – today’s press releases… (12) by Mark Valladares
16th  The City and me (19) by Merlene Emerson
  My battle with a Gender Recognition Panel (2) by Ms A
  0-67% in Watton. Can we do it elsewhere? (6) by Mark Argent
  A new side to North East Fife’s Lib Dem candidate (0) by Caron Lindsay
  16 October 2018 – today’s press releases… (4) by Mark Valladares
17th  Always Speak up to be Selected (7) by Rajin Chowdhury
  Party Leadership change at D66: Veteran Pechtold hands over to young talent Jetten (2) by Bernard Aris
  Backstop to the Backstop (31) by Tahir Maher
  17 October 2018 – today’s press releases (2) by Mark Valladares
18th  Not thin enough for treatment – Wera Hobhouse highlights stigma around eating disorders (2) by The Voice
  Senior Lib Dems call on media to apologise to transgender people over hostile coverage (2) by Caron Lindsay
  Peterloo: The Manchester Massacre (4) by Geoff Reid
  How to join the Lib Dems at the People’s Vote march on Saturday (21) by Caron Lindsay
  18 October 2018 – today’s press releases (1) by Mark Valladares
19th  Observations of an ex pat: Saudi quicksand (7) by Tom Arms
  Encourage Christine and Layla to stay on track with Go Sober effort (3) by The Voice
  Dutch Liberal Leader tells Britain: We want you back for good (7) by The Voice
  ALDC by-election review – 18 October 2018 (8) by ALDC
  Nick Clegg to move to 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, California (37) by News Meerkat
  19 October 2018 – today’s press release… (25) by Mark Valladares
20th  New Labour ‘Brexit Fudge’ unveiled (17) by The Voice
  “Brexit is not inevitable. It can be stopped.” – People’s Vote march: ‘700,000’ rally for new Brexit referendum (5) by Paul Walter
  What a day! Sun shines on huge People’s Vote March (6) by Caron Lindsay
  20 October 2018 – today’s press releases… (1) by Mark Valladares

Recent Comments

  • User AvatarCaron Lindsay 21st Oct - 12:03am
    @Rhiannon - it was clear that you were born to lead chants, as well as organise Exit from Brexit campaigns:-).
  • User AvatarJames Marrs 20th Oct - 11:36pm
    Well im all for a peoples vote yet please dont forget the most effected like myself living in the EU many were DENIED a vote...
  • User AvatarJill Caudle 20th Oct - 11:31pm
    There were lots of Lib Dems elsewhere in the march too e.g. at least three members in our group from Salisbury for Europe (which covered...
  • User AvatarLiberal Neil 20th Oct - 11:21pm
    It was a great day and, as you say, lovely to keep bumping into Lib Dems from all across the country. Whether we win or...
  • User AvatarGlenn 20th Oct - 10:50pm
    Alex There is nothing technical about it. Whether or not other leaders would have done the same doesn't alter the reality that Mr Clegg was...
  • User AvatarRhiannon Leaman 20th Oct - 10:47pm
    Thanks so much for making the trip down, Caron - and thanks to all LDV readers too. What a great day! We made our voices...