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1st  Good morning! (1) by Paul Walter
  Good luck to Jane Dodds in Brecon and Radnorshire – and how YOU can help her win (5) by Caron Lindsay
  Help Jo get the vote out for Jane Dodds in Brecon – 3 hours to go (1) by Caron Lindsay
  Lib Dems knocking up can be very useful…. (1) by Caron Lindsay
  Brecon and Radnorshire by-election open thread (9) by Caron Lindsay
2nd  2:50 am round up: Jane has done it and it wasn’t even that close (20) by Caron Lindsay
  Morning round up – We did it! Welcome to Jane Dodds MP (38) by Caron Lindsay
  Brecon diary epilogue: Chocks away, Nigel! (12) by Paul Walter
  Photo special: Brecon and Radnorshire victory (9) by Paul Walter
  What a brilliant time to be a Liberal Democrat! (5) by Caron Lindsay
  Learn to code: the Technological Revolution (11) by Eugene Henry
  Sunny Uplands and Baloney Economics: whence the falling Pound? (18) by Rupinder Singh
3rd  Why do right wing immigration reformists like Liberal Canada’s points system? (38) by Em Dean
  Listen to St Alban’s candidate Daisy Cooper: People are voting Lib Dem because of our values (3) by NewsHound
  How to bold, italicise & underline some of the text in your LDV comments (11) by Paul Walter
4th  Six key areas for a partnership approach to politics (70) by Richard Kemp
  Photo special: Celebrations at the Brecon & Radnorshire HQ (2) by Paul Walter
  Sugar Tax is nothing more than a money spinning effort (43) by Hannah Bettsworth
5th  3-4 August 2019 – the weekend’s press releases (4) by Mark Valladares
  Ten freeports by Spring; Boris’s post-Brexit economic miracle (13) by Paul Reynolds
  Tactical voting and the Brecon by-election (38) by Richard Taylor
  Government forced to publish data showing less than 3 in 10 UK exporters are prepared for ‘no deal’ Brexit (16) by The Voice
6th  A trip to Palestine (5) by Andy Daer
  Time to ditch the People’s Vote organisation – but not a People’s Vote (50) by Simon McGrath
  #GirlsSupportingGirls (4) by Ruth McElroy
  Assumptions (1) by Jane Reed
7th  Bar Charts! (10) by Tony Lloyd
  Joyce Arram 1935-2018: Piecing together a Jigsaw of a Life devoted to Liberalism (3) by Graham Colley
  Tory “Wafflenomics” and the Expected Macroeconomic-fiscal Costs of NO DEAL (10) by Rupinder Singh
  The best way to answer Coalition guilt-shaming is to challenge austerity and poverty today, head-on (62) by Nick Rider
  Is there a scientific basis for the sugar levy? (23) by Ben Wōden
  Remembering a wonderful, zero-hoots giving, wise Liberal (16) by Caron Lindsay
8th  You’ll want to get to Sheffield this weekend…. (4) by Caron Lindsay
  Lord William Wallace writes….Boris Johnson think rules don’t apply to him (55) by Lord William Wallace
9th  Another good night for the Lib Dems in local elections – a strong hold and a GAIN (21) by Caron Lindsay
  Observations of an ex pat: Kashmiri powder keg (7) by Tom Arms
  Boris Johnson is the most vulnerable Prime Minister to enter No 10 (7) by Patrick Maxwell
  Brexit is unpatriotic and shameful (34) by John McHugo
10th  Public mind manipulation (30) by Peter Wrigley
  What do do on the Friday night before Conference (5) by Geoffrey Payne
  It’s worse than you think (87) by Katharine Pindar
11th  A Remain Alliance and opportunities for the Lib Dems…..detail may not be quite there but Lib Dems are poised for massive breakthrough (60) by Caron Lindsay
  Jo Swinson’s message for Eid-al-Adha (1) by The Voice
12th  Jo Swinson visits Irish Border (9) by The Voice
13th  LibLink: Chuka Umunna: Don’t let these reckless Brexit gamblers claim they speak for the British people (40) by NewsHound
  Caroline Lucas’s all female Cabinet is not the right approach to stop Brexit (19) by Munira Wilson
  Now comes the hard part (67) by Chris Bowers
14th  Stopping a crash out Brexit (41) by Mark Goodrich
  Terrorising the traumatised: the Tories have a weak and wicked approach to crime (4) by Josh Babarinde
  Standing against Boris Johnson (1) by The Voice
  Exit costs and wobbly dikes: Brexit could result in deluges in Britain (17) by Bernard Aris
  On that power pose (5) by Mary Reid
  Johnson or Corbyn, who is the biggest danger? (18) by Leon Duveen
  ++ Breaking news: Sarah Wollaston joins the Lib Dems (48) by Mary Reid
15th  Don’t Despair! (12) by Roger Lake
  WATCH: Jo Swinson’s keynote speech on how MPs can stop Boris (66) by Caron Lindsay
  A no deal Brexit is irreversible, a Jeremy Corbyn government is not (26) by Chris Key
  Siobhan Benita says she can be London Mayor (5) by NewsHound
  In Full: Jo Swinson’s letter to Jeremy Corbyn (139) by The Voice
16th  The Lib Dem surge continues in Shropshire (7) by Caron Lindsay
  Observations of an ex pat: China, Hong Kong and Confucius (6) by Tom Arms
  Remembering Peterloo and the struggle for liberal democracy (19) by Paul Hindley
17th  Paul Tyler writes….Clearing out constitutional confusions? (22) by Paul Tyler
  Corbyn’s offer: divisive by design? (62) by MIchael Atkins
18th  Lord Tony Greaves writes…So how would an interim government actually work? (117) by Tony Greaves
  The most important thing Jo Swinson did this week (33) by Caron Lindsay
19th  The thin blue line is too thin and we do not sufficiently punish those who attack the police (26) by Paul Walter
  We need to show that we are not a one-trick Brexit pony (88) by Aidan Jenkins
  Andy Kelly writes: Help me spread my message of hope and radicalism to Greater Manchester (9) by Andy Kelly
  The case for changing our laws on revoking citizenship (18) by Imaduddin Ahmed
20th  Martin Horwood MEP writes… Gibraltar, Trump and Iran: the Brexit connection (2) by Martin Horwood
  What the Yellowhammer assessment reveals (22) by Rupinder Singh
  Vince Cable MP reflects on recent events and some holiday reading (9) by Vince Cable
  Investment in transport in northern England is far behind London (17) by Richard Kemp
  We need to talk about Public Space Protection Orders (8) by David Gray
  Lib Dem Brexit campaign chief to be Jo Swinson’s chief of staff (2) by Caron Lindsay
21st  A lull in Lithuania (3) by Rob Kersley
  ++Breaking news: Jo Swinson announces Shadow Cabinet (19) by Mary Reid
  Young Liberals launch annual freshers campaign (3) by Charlie Murphy
  The Lib Dems have become an establishment party (168) by David Warren
  A cautionary tale from Norman Lamb (5) by Mary Reid
22nd  Irish Travellers deserve our respect – just like any other ethnic group (4) by Paul Walter
  LibDem council chief: Government ‘must not crucify Portsmouth’ over Brexit (1) by News Meerkat
  Jo Swinson and the art of disagreeing well (41) by Lorenzo Cherin
  Brexit: Do we follow Jeremy Corbyn or revert to Theresa May’s plan? (46) by Johnny McDermott
23rd  Observations of an Expat – the nuclear train (3) by Tom Arms
  It must be Revoke – it’s too late for anything else…. (45) by Brian Edmonds
  Lib Dem hold Rokeby and Overslade ward (2) by The Voice
  On politicians and TV (6) by Mary Reid
  Former Labour Sheffield Hallam MP arrested on suspicion of fraud – BBC (11) by The Voice
24th  Say no to HS2 (44) by Peter Wrigley
  Policy responses to the Amazon fires – a longer read for the weekend (6) by Rupinder Singh
  The coming General Election (114) by Joe Bourke
25th  Taking a lead from the family friendly Sheffield campaign HQ (14) by Miranda Roberts
26th  Jo proposes agenda for cross party “Stop No deal” talks led by Jeremy Corbyn on Tuesday (50) by Paul Walter
  Closing Parliament to force no deal would be an outrage (36) by Paul Walter
  The staggering amount of steelwork used in the Great Western railway electrification (26) by Paul Walter
  Surely there is a way that Johnson can give us a treat on Halloween, rather than a trick? (27) by Paul Walter
27th  Where will we get and use volunteers? (30) by Michael Taylor
  July meeting of Liberal International in London (3) by Catherine Royce
  Tackling the scourge of holiday hunger (6) by Munira Wilson
  +++Cross party opposition talks end in agreement on the priority of legislation to prevent no deal (20) by Paul Walter
  Jo Swinson says cross-party talks were “very positive” (1) by Paul Walter
  Norman Lamb to stand down as an MP at next election (24) by Paul Walter
  More from Jo Swinson on this morning’s cross party talks (0) by News Meerkat
  Jo Swinson joins 120+ MPs in signing Church House Declaration to defy Johnson attempts to close Parliament (29) by Paul Walter
28th  Is the Green Paper on Social Care happening or not? (6) by Kirsten Johnson
  +++Jo Swinson: PM is trying to remove the voice of the people (58) by The Voice
  Members must decide! (11) by Simon McGrath
  A Fairer Share for All – a missed opportunity (10) by Michael Berwick-Gooding
  +++Jo Swinson requests a meeting with the Queen to discuss the constitutional crisis (33) by The Voice
  Vince Cable to stand down as an MP at the next election (6) by The Voice
  Please sign the petition against proroguing Parliament (66) by Paul Walter
29th  We need a flexible Conference (62) by David Becket
  Let’s talk about something else … diversity in film and theatre (9) by Mary Reid
  Men of honour (5) by David Warren
  It’s 1914 again … (21) by John King
30th  Beatrice Wishart wins Shetland by-election for the Lib Dems (40) by Caron Lindsay
  Observations of an ex pat: Intelligence insulted (20) by Tom Arms
  How British liberals should advocate for the human rights of the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir (5) by Imaduddin Ahmed
  How Continental Europeans view proroguing Parliament and abandoning EU inhabitants of the UK (30) by Bernard Aris
31st  Jo Swinson joins Judicial Review of prorogation launched by Gina Miller, with Sir John Major and Tom Watson (113) by Paul Walter
  “If Clitheroe is protesting it must be bad!!!” – Lib Dems join #StopTheCoup protests across the country (0) by Paul Walter
  And there’s more! #StopTheCoup protest photos from across the country part 3 (1) by Paul Walter
  More photos from #StopTheCoup protests across the country (6) by Paul Walter
  WATCH: North Cornwall Lib Dem PPC Danny Chambers speak at #stopthecoup rally (13) by Caron Lindsay

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